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Why You Should Have a Pre-wedding Photoshoot

It’s a bit ironic that I’m writing this article because I didn’t have a pre-wedding shoot. With the benefit of hindsight, I do wish I had more information on the matter and had given the decision more thought. So if you are like me and on the fence of whether you wish to have a pre-wedding shoot, here are 5 reasons to help you decide.

1. Allows you to have more time on your wedding day 

You may wonder about the point of a pre-wedding shoot given that you will be having photographs at your wedding day happening in just a few months time. A wedding can be a very demanding and stressful affair. While we will definitely set aside some time to take some couple portraits for you on your actual wedding day, between the ceremony, family photo sessions and guest arrivals, you might not have as much time available to dedicate to your own photos. If you had pre-wedding photos taken, you could relax knowing that couple photos are the last thing on your mind during this already hectic day. Instead, you could spend the day fully immersed in celebrations, enjoying your meal and spending quality time with loved ones. 

2. Wedding day trial run 

You want your wedding photos to showcase you at your best while still having you be relaxed and natural.  Pre-wedding portraits will allow you some time to get used to being in front of the camera. You can practice your poses and reviewing your photos can also help you prepare better for the big day. You can even use your pre-wedding session to test hair and makeup. Knowing ahead of time what suits you best will allow you to feel more at ease on your wedding day. 

3. Get to know your photographer 

A pre-wedding session is also a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer better and get familiar with how they interact and collaborate with you. Additionally, it helps the photographer learn more about you two as a couple. For instance, are you both naturally tactile? Do you prefer more direction in posing? Having this opportunity to know one another and develop a bond can make you feel more comfortable around your photographer and confident that the photographer will be able to deliver you at your best. 

4. Variety of locations and styles 

On your wedding day, time constraints and logistics can limit photo opportunities. A pre-wedding photoshoot on the other hand, offers more flexibility and you have options to choose for diverse locations and as well as outfits. For example, you may like to take pictures at sunrise or sunset, this can’t be controlled (as much) on your wedding day but it can be planned for during a pre-wedding session. 

A pre-wedding photoshoot can also allow you to be as creative as you want. We have even photographed a pre-wedding session in a grocery store! Maybe you want a casual photoshoot or maybe you want to go glamorous with multiple wedding gowns in different styles. It’s a once in a lifetime occasion, so go all out! 

5. Tell Your Love Story 

A wedding (especially in Asia) can sometimes be a bit of an extended family event. A lot of the wedding planning revolves around creating a great experience for your guests. On the other hand, your pre-wedding session will be exclusively to celebrate you as a couple. You can use this photoshoot to tell your unique love story – perhaps engage in an activity you both enjoy or choose a location that is meaningful to the both of you. You can even take it one step further by adding on a pre-wedding video. A video will really capture all the emotions in the lead up to the big day and will be something you watch and reminisce on in the future. 

So there you have it! I hope this list has helped open your mind to the benefits of a pre-wedding session. A bonus from doing the pre-wedding shoot is of course the beautiful, professional pictures that you can use for your save-the-date announcement or to decorate the reception. 

If this article has convinced you to have your own pre-wedding shoot, get in touch with us! Do also check out our current promotion with That White Dress for gown rentals starting from as low as RM650. 

Noel & Celine – Peranakan Wedding Shoot in Melaka

This bridal photo session was organised as a styled shoot by the Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP). It was meaningful for me, because Melaka is my hometown, and I even took my own bridal portraits at the Persatuan Peranakan Cina Melaka 17 years ago. The Peranakan culture is slowly dying, so this is my tribute towards preserving heritage and encouraging couples to go back to their roots for their bridal portraits. It would be even more meaningful if couples could consider taking portraits at their family or ancestral home. Contact us if you’d like to book a portrait session!

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Planning For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Your pre-wedding photoshoot should be just as important and meaningful as your wedding photoshoot. It’s more than just “pictures you put on display for your guests on your wedding day”. These photos will be cherished forever and will be a reminder of the true emotions and memories that you and your partner shared. With that said, here are the top few things you should take note of as you’re planning for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

1. The Best Time

As we know our Malaysian weather can be intense, so we would always recommend mornings for outdoor photoshoots. We don’t want sweaty shots now, do we? Besides that, the lighting from the morning sun gives an overall better look to the photos as there would be no harsh spots. Also, it is recommended to do it on a weekday to avoid crowds and people getting into your shots. So try to schedule a weekday early morning pre-wedding photoshoot with your photographer if you want the morning glow and a smoother session!

2. The Best Location

The location you pick should be based on your preference and budget. Thankfully we have a wide range of locations to choose from that are mostly free of charge. For example, parks, beaches, the city and more heritage places like Melaka and Penang. The only thing you need to arrange for is transportation. Parks are always a popular choice among couples because who doesn’t love nature? Plus, our parks are actually quite beautiful and easily accessible. But if you’re looking for a unique pre-wedding destination with chilly weather, may we recommend Resorts World Genting? Our partnership with them (ends in 30th June 2023) gives you exclusive access to the theme park before it opens. That way, we’ll have the whole theme park to ourselves! Imagine that.

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Pre-Wedding: Kit Mah & Cindy

It was a pleasure to photograph Kit Mah and Cindy’s pre-wedding photos. When Kit Mah and Cindy first met online, they approached each other to chat about work, health, and wellness. As they got to know each other more, Kit Mah was impressed by how Cindy was such a dedicated and highly disciplined person. Kit Mah found many common things in them, and they shared many of the same values. One day, Cindy was leaving for a trip to Indonesia, and Kit Mah was speaking at the Integrative Medicine Conference 2019 for the first time. Despite the packed schedule, Kit Mah still had Cindy in mind and wished her a safe flight. Cindy was touched by how thoughtful he was. That was one of the sweetest memories for both of them. They continued building the relationship, having so much to share with each other, and the time together was never enough. The connection was strong and special. Kit Mah has even created a book to document their love journey together.

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Pre-Wedding Shoot at KLCC Park: Wee Chong & Eri

While most couples go through the proposal stage first, Wee Chong and Eri did things the other way around. They met as colleagues in 2012 and only fell in love in December 2018. From there, things started progressing smoothly and very quickly too! They met each other’s parents three months later, found a home together in June, and had their ROM the following month. Even though they both knew they were serious about being committed to each other for life, Wee Chong didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make it special for them, so he officially proposed to Eri in August.

They still had a customary wedding ceremony to do after that, so that’s when they asked us to do a series of pre-wedding photos. They met us at KLCC park, equipped with not one… but THREE different outfits for the shoot! It was a hot and sunny day and the park was huge. But somehow we managed to cover quite a bit of ground and capture these moments with plenty of laughter and spontaneity in-between. More photos below.

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