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RedNinja.tv got Mojo? camp

After a few months of planning, our first RedNinja.tv event has finally taken off the ground! The got Mojo? seminar and camp was a huge success. We had a lot of fun with so many talented photographers in the country, some who are thinking of making the leap into full time wedding photography. Many photographers said they learnt a lot from Wiki Lee and his wife Ilona, who shared their hearts to everyone. On top of that, they felt the personal mentoring sessions by the team mentors (Jon Low, Mark Leo, Jenny Sun and I) were really beneficial.

I hope that after this camp, a lot of these photographers will put what they learnt into practice – whether it is regarding honing their style in photography, posing a couple, or about how they run their business. Here are a few behind the scenes shots taken at the camp in Corus, Port Dickson.This is Wiki doing some ninja impersonation with Ilona by his side.

Thanks to Canon, we had a few prizes to give away.

Things you learn at camp: As a ninja photographer, you need to be agile. Very agile – like being in this squatting position for hours.

Wiki giving tips to the photographers during the model shooting session.

I managed to take a few snaps as well even though I was there to mentor the team. Here’s Sonia & Reyhan looking really good! All model make up was done by Shinny Ong, who did an amazing job. The beautiful gowns are sponsored by Pretty in White.

The following photos were taken by Mark. He recently made the switch from Nikon to Canon. (yay!) Here’s a photo of Mark looking like he’s doing the macarena. On the right, Jon Low, who was one of the key organizers for the event and on the left, Ian Chong, who surprised us by showing up at the camp unannounced. Ian is one of the other photographers who I have worked with closely over the past few years.

These are Mark’s shots. Models are Rachel & Ser Young.

Shu Wan, Stories’ amazing digital artist was there at the camp as well. This time, she took up the camera and was shooting away instead of touching up images! Here she is in blue (her favourite colour!)

And these are Shu Wan’s shots.

And finally, a group photo of the team I was mentoring. I had fun with all of you!

Introducing… RedNinja.tv!

Years ago, when I first got into the whole art of photography, I didn’t really know where to turn for help or training. Everything I learnt about photography was through my own trial and error, reading the darn camera manual that I didn’t understand, or searching for information online. Other times, I had some photographer friends who helped explain technical concepts to me. And trust me, it took a couple of sessions for me to grasp all these concepts!

Over time, I took photography classes conducted by various Malaysian photographers, and that helped a lot. I am the sort of person that learns things hands-on, rather than just reading that darn manual (again!). This year, I had the privilege of learning from world class photographers at WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas.

After speaking to many Malaysian photographers, I realize that I am not the only one who craves good teaching material. Why should all the good speakers only congregate in the US or Australia? It was with this thought that the 5 of us – Alex Lam, Jenny Sun, Jon Low, Mark Leo and myself came up with the idea of bringing quality training to Malaysia; focusing on creativity, technology and business.

Hence, the birth of RedNinja.tv!

Our first event, called, Got Mojo? is happening on the 23rd-25th April 2010. We’re bringing in Wiki Lee, a renowned photographer from Australia. He will speak on finding your style in photography, techniques in developing yourself, including marketing and communications.

Photo taken by Wiki Lee

This is a 2 part event:

1. Seminar (23rd April) – RM50 at P1 auditorium, PJ

2. Camp in Port Dickson (24-25th April) – RM950 for individual registration or RM850 for groups of 3. This includes bus transportation from BU, hotel accommodation and food! There will be practical and theoretical sessions for this camp. And you get to be mentored by Jenny Sun, Jon Low, Mark Leo, Alex Lam and myself. This camp is designed to be more personal so that we get to spend more time with everyone. All of us will be speaking as well during the camp.

Look at the schedule here: http://redninja.tv/schedule-001/ There is limited space at the camp. Register for the camp or seminar here: http://redninja.tv/register-now-001/

I do hope to see you there!