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Engagement Portraits: Adrian & Stefanie

When Adrian and Stefanie came to meet me to discuss their engagement portrait session, Adrian told me that he loves high key shots. He couldn’t decide whether he prefers the photos to be taken in the morning or evening. And we talked about shoot locations at length. You see, that’s what happens when you photograph a photographer. They have all sorts of cool ideas and it usually takes a while to make a decision! Stef was the casual, relaxed one. Her only criteria: “Can we shoot on some windy road…?”

And so we ended up at their apartment in Kota Damansara where I took some photos in their newly decorated home.

When I arrived there, Stef showed me these notes that she had written. And I thought it was really cute!!

And so, I thought, why not take the idea a little further. So I got them to sit down separately and write down what they thought of each other. And then to reveal it to camera…

Well, Stef was quite tickled with what Adrian wrote!

After an hour or so, we went outdoors to continue our shoot. When we left their home, lightning was streaking across the sky… “Oh no, it’s going to pour!” And it DID! It rained so heavily that I wondered if we would have to postpone the second half of the shoot. But when we arrived in KL, it was nice and sunny.

The sky was really clear. Hard to believe that we had just gone through a thunderstorm to get here!

When the sun came out in the evening, it was golden…

And Stef got her windy road shot!

When we were about to end our shoot, it started to drizzle again… and that’s when we saw this tiny rainbow peeking out through the clouds! The colour of sky was so glorious!

Then the sun set, and it was blue for a while… :) I promise you, this sky is real and not Photoshop-ed in! I love colour!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Adrian & Stef. Sorry I could not be there to cover your wedding day. I am sure it will be a day filled with lots of joy, topped up with God’s goodness!