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save the date

That rectangular shape…

At approximately 1pm everyday, the postman would arrive in our neighbourhood. When I was a child, I looked forward to letters in the mail box. Did it contain a letter from my penpal in Turkey? Or was it a postcard from my brother in New Zealand? Or perhaps some photos from my aunt in Australia? Whatever came through that mail box, I would save all the stamps from those envelopes, some more special than others. But the years went by, and soon, the letters would be few and far between.

Nowadays, I mainly receive junk mail and bills in the mail box. And so, whenever the odd mail with the handwritten address finds its way to my mail box, I know for certain that it’s a wedding invite. Like an excited school girl, I would usually tear the envelope ungracefully, and peek into the envelope, excited to see the contents of that mail.

And what delight it is to find that people do pay attention to their wedding invites. I love it when I receive beautiful cards in the mail. The texture, the fonts, the colour… everything screams perfection. Just like this Save the Date card that was sent to my home recently. What creativity!

And as a note to my clients, I do enjoy receiving thank you cards in the mail too! :) *hint hint*