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southern ridges

Family Portraits in Singapore: Alvin & Cheryl

My friendship with Cheryl started years ago when we were still in university in Australia – young, energetic and passionate about God. More than a decade later, I still hope we have the same amount of energy in us (just not as young!), even though she now has to run after 3 little girls. A few years ago, I photographed her family during their holiday in KL. At that time, it was just the 3 of them plus one on the way. Now that they have moved beyond the ‘normal’ quota of children most Singaporeans have, I am glad that I had the opportunity to photograph them once more.

I love Singapore for the many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces we can head to for pictures. I really don’t feel claustrophobic in this city with nice green spots like these near the Henderson Wave. The gorgeous evening light made everything so surreal. It was backlight heaven! Hope to head down to Singapore more often for more family portraits! *hint hint!*


Pre-Wedding at Marina Bay Sands: Istvan & Shirley

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Alex
Locations: Marina Bay Sands & Southern Ridges, Singapore

Years ago, there was a possibility of me moving to Singapore. Other than the relationship pull factor (my ex was Singaporean!) plus the thought of earning a higher income… Singapore seemed like a decent place to live. Not surprising that Istvan and Shirley decided to hop over the causeway to work some time back. I met Istvan and Shirley for the first time on their pre-wedding shoot day. They were so easy to get along with. I am really thankful for clients like these because it just makes my work so much easier!

I was excited to shoot at Marina Bay Sands. The view is amazing! Thanks Istvan and Shirley for your generosity in putting us up for one night at Marina Bay Sands. Alex and I enjoyed the pool very very much. :) Hope you’ll like these images… I can still remember the heat from the deck! The both of you are amazingly sporting for doing all sorts of things under the hot sun.

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