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Wedding at St Andrew’s Church: Greg & Amanda

Greg and I first met at a wedding years ago when I was new in the industry as a photographer. He was in a band, and I seriously don’t recall much of our meeting, but years later, Greg meets me and tells me… “We met there. I remember you took a really nice photo of our band.” Well, I was glad that I made such an impression, because that led to us photographing Greg and Amanda’s wedding at the quaint and highly coveted venue, St Andrew’s Church in KL.

I love how both Greg and his brother Chris (who is a well-known theatre director in KL) are equally fun and theatrical (pun intended!). They have lots of wonderful facial expressions, which makes for great photography. On his wedding day, Greg, being the extroverted person that he is, outspoke Amanda during his speech. Good thing is that she complements him in her own seemingly quiet little way.

They first met at a church camp when Amanda was only 12, and Greg… well, let’s say, he was much older. Fast forward years later, and they bumped into each other again… now, both working as lawyers (correction, Greg told Amanda he was a partner…good move!). When you’re in school, age means the world when you’re dating, but now… Amanda is a grown up woman, beautiful and mature.

You have to watch more of their wedding highlights to find out more about this cute couple, including hearing Greg’s wonderful singing voice. Greg and Amanda, thank you for inviting us to be part of your beautiful day. I love connecting with couples like you guys who make our work feel like such a joy. Thank you for your friendship!

To our viewers, sorry for the massive post! It was just soooo hard to cut down on our favourite images!

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