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Fugee School Documentary Videos

At the end of 2016, 4 of us from the Stories team made a special visit to Fugee School, an education hub for refugee kids in Kuala Lumpur. It was a time of getting away from our usual work to do other socially responsible photography and video related projects. In a way, it was something similar to what we did in Kelantan some years back with the flood victims. I met with Deborah Henry, co-founder of the school, to run through some ideas on what we could do for Fugee School, and we narrowed down our focus to a documentary style approach that would give some insight into these families and their life here in Malaysia.

We were blessed to have met two students, Yusra and Hafsa. Listen to their heartwarming stories in the video below, and support amazing organizations like Fugee School who work to make a difference to these children.


Yusra’s Story
Photographed & filmed by Jamie & Chi Yin
Edited by Chi Yin
Creative direction by Grace

Hafsa & Hasan’s Story
Photographed & filmed by Grace & Jennifer
Edited by Chi Yin
Creative direction by Grace

University Crush: Joseph & Jenna’s Pre-wedding at Monash

It was at the Monash Christian Fellowship gathering in 2009 that Joseph first met Jenna. A great place to meet like-minded people! As they got to know each other better through the semester, they started hanging out in campus. Long conversations with their Starbucks drinks in their hands, they discovered things about each other. Like how she absolutely loves to read – in between going from one place to another in malls, when she eats, before she sleeps…all the time! While Jenna is the introvert in the relationship, Joseph is the extrovert. He loves to meet people, sometimes to Jenna’s dismay.

So while books is pretty much a part of Jenna’s identity, music is Joseph’s.

When it comes to music, Joseph is the maestro. He is a pianist and can play by ear, so oftentimes, he sings songs without words which annoys Jenna to bits. (On the other hand, Joseph says that he can’t stand it when Jenna changes key while he is singing!)

So a good antidote for a grumpy Jenna is ice cream. Jenna enjoys scrumptious servings of ice cream and dessert! (According to Joseph, the McD’s RM1 ice cream does the trick!).

So life is definitely interesting for this couple!