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A Colourful & Playful Pre-Wedding: Eric & Sin Yi

20140929_PRE_WEDDING_ERIC_SINYI_085For someone who tests 100% introversion on the Myers-Briggs test, and claims to be a really quiet person, Sin Yi actually surprised me. She must have an adventurous streak to her, since she had ideas of traipsing across construction sites to this relatively deserted amusement park that is called I-City for her pre-wedding photos. Both Eric and Sin Yi are really laid back and easy going people, and I got along with them so well at the first word! Eric claims to be the romantic one in the relationship (says that he cries while watching sappy romance movies) and so he didn’t have a problem cuddling up to Sin Yi during the shoot and giving puppy-eyed looks to her.

Jamie assisted me during the shoot because I was pretty heavily pregnant then, and I was really glad to have her there! We totally enjoyed ourselves that day. Thank you for putting up with our quirky ideas, standing on tables and doing all sorts of fun things!

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