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taman tun

Ka Wai’s 5th Birthday

Jeannie tells me that she and her husband Eric makes it a point to take family portraits every year, especially since their son Ka Wai was born. I think it’s a superb idea, since it’s a great way to document your family history and see the physical progress of your child. This year, Ka Wai turned 5, and Jeannie was delighted when she found out that I was able to do the shoot on his birthday! Early that morning, we trooped over to the Taman Tun park and had a great time together. Jeannie, your son is getting bigger by the day, and I do hope that these images manage to capture the innocence of childhood! Ka Wai is great in front of the camera (from all that training you’ve been giving him from those shoots! haha). Love love love his expressions!

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