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the bee

Pre-Wedding: Zach & Linda

When Linda emailed us to enquire about our services, the very first line said, “I’ve been following your blog closely for a couple of years now…it’s saved as a favourite on my desktop and I check out the latest photo uploads every few days!” Naturally, she was already familiar with our work but she shared that she wanted the outcome of the photos to be romantic, simple yet glamorous, classic, bright with vibrant colours. One thing I remember clearly was that she said, “No lalang (weeds) as I have hayfever!” Her keywords helped me understand her as a person even further and that made my job easier.

My first impressions of Zach and Linda when I chatted with them over Skype was that they were a really smiley and sweet couple. They met at work while living in Canberra, Australia and this November, they will tie the knot in Malaysia.

Congratulations, Zach and Linda. Thank you for making it so easy for me to photograph the both of you! You looked stunning that day, and I know for a fact that Zach couldn’t keep his eyes off you! :)



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