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three little birds

Pre-Wedding: Sunil & Belinda

After spending many hours with Sunil and Belinda for their various wedding events, it’s obvious that these two fun-loving souls are completely and deeply in love with each other. Never mind the fact that she’s into shopping and he’s into football and sports – two completely different hobbies altogether. What matters are their hearts – joined together over a common love of music, drinking, socialising and the love of adventure. I just love Belinda’s feisty character and quick tongue. She’s really funny. Sunil too, has the personality to warm up a room the moment he is in it. Together, they rock!

Soon, we’ll be sharing photos from their epic wedding celebration – the Chinese ceremony in Singapore and the Hindu wedding in KL. For now, enjoy some of these favourite pre-wedding images, photographed by Weiming and Nigel.

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