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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Beach Wedding in Malaysia

Embarking on the journey of planning your destination beach wedding in the enchanting shores of Malaysia? It’s a breathtaking experience, but it can be quite a task organizing your big day from afar. As wedding photographers and videographers who’ve had the privilege of capturing countless beach weddings, especially in the idyllic setting of Langkawi, we’ve got some insider tips to ensure your wedding day becomes a picture-perfect paradise.

1. Golden Hour Magic

When it comes to your beach wedding, timing is everything. Plan to conclude your ceremony about an hour before the sun dips below the horizon – what we call the golden hour. After the ceremony, we will take family and couple portraits. The warm, soft hues of this magical hour will transform your wedding photos into something truly ethereal. The gentle, glowing light will add a touch of enchantment to every shot, making your memories even more special. Trust me, we do a happy dance inside whenever we see beautiful lighting that will make you look even more beautiful!

2. Wind-Proof Your Look

Beaches are synonymous with breezy conditions, and your hair and dress should be prepared to handle the wind. Opt for hairstyles that can withstand the gentle coastal breeze, and consider a wedding dress with flowy fabrics that add to the ethereal vibe, rather than fighting against the elements. If you’re the kind who loves the wind-swept hair look, embrace it! It can be alluring and adds to the natural, carefree feel of the beach.

3. Choose Comfort Over Formality

The beach exudes a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Embrace this by ditching the jacket or opting for linen shirts instead of a traditional three-piece suit, especially if you’re prone to perspiring in the heat. Linen is breathable and light, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your ceremony.

4. Barefoot Bliss

Embrace the beach lifestyle fully by going barefoot or selecting footwear that’s beach-friendly. Not only does this add authenticity to your beach wedding, but it also ensures you and your guests are comfortable as you navigate the sand. For a unique touch, consider handmade crocheted barefoot slippers, like one of our clients did – it adds a personal, artistic twist to your ensemble.

5. Mind the Tides

The tides can be your friend or foe, depending on your timing. Check tide schedules before planning a wedding ceremony or portrait shoot by the beach. Low tide can reveal beautiful tidal pools, offering unique photo opportunities. However, it can also potentially expose imperfections in the sand. High tide, on the other hand, can create dramatic waves in the background, but remember to stay safe, especially if you’re planning to venture into areas that may be rocky.

6. Have a Plan B

Malaysian weather can be unpredictable, and the beach is no exception. While the sun-soaked shores are a paradise most of the time, Mother Nature can sometimes throw surprises your way. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Having a Plan B ensures that your special day proceeds smoothly, rain or shine. Thankfully, most of the beach weddings we have photographed since 2008 have been fairly dry!

7. Consider the Humidity

Malaysia’s tropical climate can get pretty hot and humid, especially on the beach. As you wander around the resort for those mid-afternoon portraits, you might find a towel handy to freshen up. Consider providing your guests with hand fans to keep them cool during the ceremony, creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

8. Light up dinners by the beach

Lighting is everything for photographers and videographers. If you are planning an outdoor dinner reception by the beach after sunset, keep in mind that the background will be pitch black after sunset. Think about how you may want to add ambient lighting to the scene so that the photos are still spectacular after dark.

Your dream beach wedding in Malaysia promises to be an unforgettable experience, and we can’t wait to be a part of it by turning your cherished moments into timeless photographs or videos. If you’d like us to capture your beach wedding, get in touch with us. We’d be honoured to be by your side on your special day!


Wedding Ceremony at Kuching, Sarawak: Derwin & Grace

From being spy photographers at their surprise proposal to being wedding photographers at their wedding day. It always feels extra special to us when we get to be part of our client’s momentous journey. We flew to their hometown at Kuching, Sarawak for their beautiful wedding ceremony held at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching. It started off with a tea ceremony at their respective homes and later on we travelled to the venue for the reception. We’re thankful for the good weather and good vibes!

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Wedding at The Majestic Hotel: Calvin & Sherlyn

After 15 years in the photography industry, it is just natural that I get to photograph different siblings’ weddings from the same family. It was such a pleasure to photograph Calvin and Sherlyn’s wedding because they were really sweet and thoughtful. There was just so much joy throughout the day! It was also fun to see them dress up in different Chinese and Peranakan traditional outfits.

We love getting to know our clients, especially stories about how they met and the way they would describe the other. This is the story of Calvin & Sherlyn.

“We have been college sweetheart for 10 years. We first met in early January 2011 when we were studying a Canadian International Matriculation Program at Sunway College Malaysia. I remember how Sherlyn caught my eyes when she smiled at me because she nearly ran into me as she was walking down the stairs. I could never forget that adorable smile that felt very warm and joyful. We met again during break time because I realised we were studying in the same course and had mutual friends that introduced us to each other. We started hanging out more often as friends like going out for coffee, movies and road trips. Our friendship grew closer when we went on a graduation trip with our friends to Ipoh, Malaysia and we celebrated the Chinese New Year together with our friends and family. It was our first time meeting each other’s parents. Both our parents and siblings were accepting and welcoming. I remembered asking Sherlyn on four different occasions to be my girlfriend, but she rejected me three times because I successfully could call her my girlfriend.

On 14th February 2012 during Valentine’s Day, I asked Sherlyn to go out for a date and she finally accepted the invitation with the help of her family who convinced her to give me a chance. After the date, our relationship grew stronger and we began to go out for a few more dates again before I flew to Melbourne to pursue my studies on the 20th February 2012. Despite the distance, we still talked to each other every day through long hours of texts and phone calls. In March 2012, I was really touched and happy when Sherlyn flew to Melbourne to visit me. Whilst in Melbourne, we went on a tour to Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island. On the 10th April 2012, we commenced our relationship and committed to each other.

We enjoy travelling together and we have similar hobby such as exploring new territories and learning new cultures. We travelled many places together, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and the Maldives. We tried snorkelling, line fishing and sun-bathing by the beach. We also went to watch Ed Sheeran’s concert and Australia Open. Besides that, we also enjoy snowboarding with our friends in Australia.And we love people and food! We also run a private coaching and mentoring program together with the guidance of really successful entrepreneurs to help us be financially independent and grow our leadership skills so that we can replace our job down the track and impact more familes.

We have been living together for the past 5 years and we have been very supportive of each other especially in times when we miss our family or when we were unwell. We have been in a long-distance relationship for 5 years from 2012 to 2016. During our temporary separation, we remained in contact with each other through phone calls, messages and Skype calls almost daily to support each other emotionally. Calvin and I also tried to send each other gifts, meals and letters a couple of times a year, especially during birthdays and anniversary to show our love and care for each other during the years of temporary separation. We also visited each other multiple times throughout our long-distance relationships. On 10/10/2020, Calvin decided to propose to Sherlyn from the tallest hiking spot in South Australia and we have to say it was a successful proposal because it was really challenging to surprise Sherlyn due to her strong observation skills. We have been in a relationship for 10 years and we got married in Australia on 9th April 2022 with our family and closest friends visiting from Malaysia. We also built a house together in Australia and we plan to settle here long-term. We cannot wait to continue to grow, live life and dream big goals together.”

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Akad Nikah Ceremony & Wedding – Nori and Lyn

We love getting to know our clients, especially stories about how they met and the way they would describe the other. This is the story of Nori & Hooi Lyn, who had an Akad Nikah, Tea Ceremony and Wedding Night!

“Nori is mostly an introvert but is sociable on select occasions with select peers. He is a very charismatic, smooth-talking man. A matured person with an engineer brain so he reads smart books and loves all things tech-related. Becomes very stiff when asked to do cringy things together, but will do it out of love. Meanwhile I (Lyn) is more open minded and is comfortable getting chatty and having a laugh with small groups. I’m a sappy-romantic type of person so I enjoy quiet moments with just me and hubby. We complement one another. Social media is not our thing, we both agree on being present and enjoying the moment. We make each other laugh a lot at bad jokes and we like nature and greeneries.

We met working in the same company. Lyn onboarded Nori into the company. Nori noticed Lyn first but Lyn didn’t think much of it. Many months later, Nori texted Lyn first and asked if they could be friends. We were supposed to meet over lunch in person but Nori had to fly overseas for work, so the first week was spent talking long hours (till dawn) over late night phone calls and getting to know each other, and we got along really well instantly. It was only much later that Lyn found out that Nori waited 6 months to gather the courage to text Lyn after meeting her the first time. After we got together as partners, Nori made a lot of effort to win Lyn’s mom approval. Eventually, she accepted him after seeing his care and effort. Now 4 years later, we tied the knot!”

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