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The Family Grows: Fumiko

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“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
Ralph Hattersley 

We’ve seen this Japanese family grow through the years, all the way from 2014 till now. We’re so blessed to be part of this entire journey, and also to welcome little Shun into the family. Thank you for choosing us all these years!

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Newborn Portraits: Ahmed & Balqish

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Ahmed & Balqish’s baby is blessed to have two good-looking parents, of Saudi Arabian and Malaysian heritage. Perhaps one day, she might follow in the footsteps of her mom who is a traveller, a public personality and a youtuber. When the family came to the studio for their mini session, the little one kept exercising her lungs (By the way, that’s normal in most photo sessions involving babies!). Eventually, she calmed down, enough for Jennifer to get the shots she needed. Congratulations on the birth of your baby, Ahmed and Balqish Maarif!

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Family Portraits: A Malaysian-African Cutie Pie

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The shoot idea started out as a gift from Hui Teen, her husband (Njau) and brother (Jun Yong) to her parents so that they would have more recent formal family pictures. The last shoot they did as a family was almost 10 years ago! As the idea became more concrete they thought that it would be a good idea to do it on or close to Hui Teen’s son’s first birthday as it would be a lovely memory for all of them and they would actually have something to commemorate her son’s first birthday. And as it happens, the date they did the shoot was his first birthday.

As a photographer, I encounter many scenarios like these… I suppose the idea of bringing your family to a photography studio 10-20 years ago was really a luxury. In the past 10 years, the idea of photographing your family constantly and regularly became more of a norm, especially since the price of cameras have become more affordable and phone camera specs have improved by leaps and bounds! Personally, I think family photography should not be seen as a luxury that only a select few can afford. I believe every family should look at their family photos as an investment… an heirloom that they can give to their future generation. It’s a record of life!



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Maternity Portraits: Marieke

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One of the biggest gripes most pregnant women have is that they feel bloated, almost elephant-like in nature approaching their 3rd trimester. Feet sometimes start to swell, spots appear, or the linea nigra line appears right across the belly, together with a protruding belly button. With Marieke, she didn’t appear to have any of these problems! She just looks so gorgeous with a baby belly! Taken in our studio by Jamie, these images remind us that every pregnant woman is indeed beautiful, because she carries a precious life inside of her. Praying for a safe delivery and we look forward to seeing the little one in the future.

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Family Portraits: En Ruey & Jas Min

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20161128-FAMILYPORTRAITS_ENRUEY_JASMIN-115I love my job because I get to see families growing. I got to know En Ruey and Jas Min in 2013 when we photographed their pre-wedding photos and then subsequently, their wedding. And now, with their little baby who just turned 1! In a way, we get to do life together. Our photos end up as their family legacy, which makes me feel really proud and happy. And of course, emails like these gives us the encouragement to keep on going strong!

“We were totally blown away by the photos from our session on Monday! We are amazed at all the beautiful shots you managed to get despite our son not being the most smiley of moods that day! How in the world did you manage to capture all that?! We were quite disheartened after the shoot that day being absolutely convinced the photos might not come out as nice thanks to Mr. Grumpy but you have once again showed that our worries were for naught. =) Just like our pre-wedding and wedding and family shoot, the photos you take are amazing.

And btw, I showed some sneaks of the baby wearing pictures to some of my baby wearing friends and they all LOVED pictures. You totally made me look like a professional baby wearing model. =D They all want pictures like that for themselves now, so you may or may not be getting some requests for baby wearing shots in the future. ;)

Please never stop doing what you do as the world will be a much sadder place without all your amazing smile inducing pictures. =)

Thank you so very much.

Jas Min & En Ruey