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Engagement: Alfred & Geeta

By 08/09/2008December 29th, 20099 Comments

Geeta is an old school mate of mine which I haven’t seen since I left high school yonkers ago (I feel old!). But with the wonders of the internet, we managed to get in touch again after all those years. I met Alfred for the first time about 1-2 weeks before their engagement on the 31st of August. What a lovely date to get engaged! Malaysia’s independence day, and now, Alfred and Geeta’s engagement day!

I am truly honoured that they chose me to shoot their engagement ceremony, and in Dec, their wedding. This is my first Hindu ceremony, and what a joy to shoot the event! Everything was just so colourful – which suits my personality just fine!

Thank you Alfred and Geeta for such opening your lives to me, and for being such a wonderful couple, but most of all, friend. There are so many wonderful photos from the ceremony, and it’s hard to choose my favourites, but here are a few (or rather, a lot!) of photos from that day. The rest will be uploaded onto the Wedding Story website soon!

Doesn’t Geeta look absolutely stunning!?

I love the flowers and how it’s all done up, I wonder if it’s heavy?

Aaaw, such a wonderful couple shot. Thanks to Alex who held the off camera flash for me.

The entire ‘stage’ where the ceremony was held. I didn’t know how grand it would look till I arrived at the temple!

The priest first performed some rites with both sides of the parents before Alfred and Geeta stepped up into the lime light.

She was absolutely joyful that day. And so was Alfred. I could just see the love radiating from them!


Looking forward to your wedding in December!

– Grace –

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  • Geeta says:

    You’ve captured one of the most precious moments in our lives; and the wonderful shots you took narrate the beautiful events that took place on the day. When we see these pics 30 years down the road – we will definitely remember the happiness radiating from us. Thanks Grace and Alex; you guys are the best! We and our family felt you and Alex as very much part of our family during the event.

    -Geeta & Alfred-

  • Geeta says:

    and Grace, yes the flowers were pretty heavy – but it was all secured tightly with so many hairpins!

  • Grac says:

    Thanks Geeta for accepting us to be like part of your family. We really enjoyed ourselves that day. And Alfred, though I only recently got to know you, I feel as if we’ve been friends for a long while! Thank you for your friendship.

  • Chinlay says:

    Dear Geeta and Alfred,

    Congratulations!!!! Grace did a superb job. The pictures were breathtaking :)

  • mages and selvam says:

    Nice shots , each moments is beautifully captured.
    Good job Grace and Alex and Congrats for my dear friend geeta to invite us to be part of your beautiful moments. All the best and God Bless.

  • mages and selvam says:

    Nice bangle arrangement.

  • Asther says:

    I see u’re using more of the off-camera flash techniques in your work. Keep it up!

  • selvi says:

    it is a very nice ceremony. u looked so sweet. all the best

  • Vicky says:

    Hie nice shot wanna to find out the price for 5 hourS Indian photograph at kepong temple on 21/August/2010 thr will be held registeration and engagement.

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