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Childhood Montage with a Twist!

By 03/12/2008December 30th, 20093 Comments

Was digging through my old cupboard today and found my pre-wedding video that was done 2 years ago! It was shot and edited by my ex-colleagues and coordinated by my beloved sister. Alex and I conceptualized the idea with my sister. It felt like such a long time ago! It even has snippets from when Alex proposed to me in 2005. *At that time I didn’t know Kee Sitt well, so excuse the home video grainy look! :P*

If any of you are interested in having a video like this done for your wedding day, do call us to have a chat. We’re open to discussing new and interesting ideas that you may have.

Please make sure that you press play then immediately pause for the loading to complete before playing so that it will play smoothly.

[flv:alex_grace_prewedding.flv alex_grace.jpg 600 480]

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