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Eugene, Audrey and Shane

By 04/02/2009December 31st, 2009No Comments

Eugene not only shares the same office space as me, but is one of my lunch kakis at Integricity. He introduced really yummy bak kut teh to everyone in the office and we’re all hooked on it now. But that’s not the point of this blog post. Eugene, his wife Audrey and kid Shane trooped over to a park in PJ recently and I had a great time photographing their portraits. Actually, it was more like, Shane playing and me running after him. Shane is such a cheerful kid. He never stops smiling and laughing.

I am told that Shane loves shoes. His crocs look so well adorned!

The only thing that can wipe the smile off Shane’s face is when he gets dirt onto his hands. I can’t believe what a neat and tidy kid he is! He didn’t want to go near the sand or anything ‘dirty’. I don’t usually take photos of kids screaming, but Eugene said, “I don’t mind photos of him like that!” So here it is!

But it didn’t last very long. After a few seconds, Shane returned to his normal self.

Ooh and since I’m not that much of a web guru, I’m really excited to have created this animated gif in Photoshop. (Alex thinks I’m more of a geek than he is)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get to know your family better, Eugene. I truly enjoyed our time at the park. 

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