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The Wedding of Kelvin & Cathryn

By 02/04/2009 December 30th, 2009 9 Comments

If you talk about unconventional couples, Kelvin and Cathryn definitely fit the bill. Both Kel and PC as they are affectionately known, serve in Eaglepoint church in Puchong. In fact, PC is a pastor and Kel is the worship director in church. Their wedding theme is called “A Story of Grace“, done in a movie style. I love the movie posters that they have created as decorations. The excitement on that day was just incredible. The church was packed and people were standing everywhere. You would have thought that there was a concert going on!

There are way too many photos from their wedding to post here. These are some of my favourites.


Hehe, no cat. Get it?



20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-012 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-010


Kel looked cool as always!



20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-015 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-020

The boys. Kinda makes me think of Men in Black.



20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-006 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-018

The groom and all 6 of his best men strutted their way down the aisle in style!




20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-024 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-025

It was really sweet when Kel sang as PC walked down the aisle…


And then she started singing too!


20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-031 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-028









After the church ceremony, we adjourned for lunch at a nearby restaurant, did the tea ceremony and then some portraits after!


20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-040 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-042

After a while, storm clouds started to gather and we scrambled to maximize the clouds before it poured!

20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-001-4 20090314-wedding_kelvin_cathryn-043

And finally, our own team shot from that day’s shoot. From left to right: Alex, Grace, Kee Sitt, Sharon Koo and Sharon Chong. We took this shot at 3.30pm in the afternoon. Want to find out how we turned day to night? Will blog about it in another post!


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  • Elaine says:

    Hey Grace,
    Wonderful pix! Loved the sweet moments captured, especially the one with all of us looking at PC & Kel kissing!!! lol

  • Jeff from Dubai says:

    I loved the pics of your wedding and ofcourse my congratulations to you both. Im happy that I was able to meet your acquantance and blessed to have received your training and friendship when 1am visited Dubai.

    May God bless your Union and future together as Husband and Wife. How I wish I was there on your wedding day.

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks Elaine and Jeff for your comments! Kel and PC were absolutely radiant that day.

  • Ruth Ryau says:

    this is more than a fairytale wedding!! omg im so happy for both of them!! n BMW shud pay for the car advertistmnt!! i love it!! CONGRATS PC N KEL!!!

  • Hazelynn says:

    loved it!!! wonderful work guys!

  • Widya says:

    Wonderfull picture and lovely moment!!!…

  • Anna says:

    Cool shots Grace :D And that group shot of the team? Awesome-pawesome!

  • James Wong says:

    Fantastic photography with story-telling! Thanks for making me yell and smile as I looked at the pics! LOL!

  • zachchin says:

    i love the wedding pics, but when I strolled all the way down, and saw the pic of wedding story team, it was great!!! love it so much!

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