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Family Portraits: Andrew, Huey Yee & Family

By 03/04/2009December 31st, 2009No Comments

We were supposed to have our portrait session at The Orchid Garden in KL that morning, but it poured! It was a challenge thinking of where to go in such heavy rain, but finally we decided to drive to the Solaris area in Mt Kiara for the shoot. It was my first time there. Huey Yee told me… “Don’t you know this place? All the young people hang out there.” Haha, I guess I’m not that young anymore! (or perhaps it’s a hint for my hubby to bring me out more often). With a combination of rain, hyperactive kids, and a cool location… we came up with some really fun shots!


Just look at that face of satisfaction as she grabs the plant!



20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_070 20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_069



20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_020 20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_107



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