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Family Portraits: Ben & Joanne

By 14/05/2009December 31st, 2009No Comments

I seem to be photographing a lot of 2-3 year old boys lately. Little boys at this age are really cute, but the one thing that is difficult to do, is to keep them still! I haven’t done a shoot with little girls that age. I thought there were more girls in this world than boys? Well a friend of mine said that girls are easier to photograph, so probably the ones who have boys look for professional photographers cause they just can’t get a good pic of them through their compact cameras. Perhaps there is an element of truth there.

Recently, I met up with Ben and Joanne for a family portrait shoot with their two lovely boys, Zach & Jaden. We went to FRIM, and since I haven’t been there in a while, I actually missed the turning from the highway on the way there. Luckily I started out early, and after a couple of turnings and guidance from Chui who was my helper for the day… I finally got there. Here are a selection of images from the shoot.

20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_005 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_014


20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_032 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_034

20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_052 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_061


20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_079 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_108


I love his little chair! So cute.


20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_151 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_042


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