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Zachary’s Baby Shower

By 11/06/2009December 31st, 2009No Comments

If you met Priscilla’s mom, and then Priscilla herself, you would have thought that they were a little young-looking to be a grandmother and mother. They radiate youthfulness. I just don’t know how they do it! (great health regime, skin care, enough sleep perhaps? Things I don’t really practice right now!). We celebrated Zachary’s full moon luncheon at Putrajaya Shangri-La where family members and friends of John and Priscilla gathered. The food not only looked good, it tasted great too! After the scrumptious meal, we had a quick portrait session on the grounds of Shangri-La.

20090502_baby_shower_zachary_003 20090502_baby_shower_zachary_008



Priscilla’s mom on the left, and Priscilla and John on the right.

20090502_baby_shower_zachary_175 20090502_baby_shower_zachary_250



The other baby in the house… this one belongs to Stephanie.

20090502_baby_shower_zachary_059 20090502_baby_shower_zachary_230

Look at how cute Zachary’s cake is!


Unfortunately most of the time, he’s asleep, oblivious to the attention he’s getting!

20090502_baby_shower_zachary_262 20090502_baby_shower_zachary_152
Finally, a group photo.


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