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Christina + Chee Su, The Hague, Netherlands

By 19/08/2009 December 29th, 2009 11 Comments

I’ve known Chee Su’s sister Choon Ean for years. Not only have we worked together on various projects but we’ve also traveled to numerous countries together (eg. Nepal, Myanmar etc) sharing the same room for weeks! Choon Ean is a really amazing person and an excellent videographer, shooting with the Wedding Story team for various weddings. So I felt totally comfortable being around her and Chee Su’s family. Then when I met Christina and her family, they made me feel like family too! The entire Ouwerkerk family is just hilarious and they crack me up with their jokes and cute little antics.

The wedding was full of drama, emotions, smiles, tears and laughter. I have so much to give thanks for. Firstly, I was completely relieved that I had recovered from my flu by the time the wedding rolled around. Secondly, I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to shoot in the Netherlands, 13 hours by flight away from Malaysia. And thirdly, for the beautiful people who were there that day – they made my photos shine with their warm smiles.

The day started with beautiful sunshine. Christina woke up, went to the hairdressers, and then came home to do her own wedding make up! Apparently it’s very normal for people in Holland to do their own make up, since make up artists are few and also very expensive. The wedding ring shot was taken in Christina’s back yard. Can you believe they have a grape vine in their backyard?



Christina loves butterflies. I found some in her garden. :) And also this bouquet was done by Christina! How amazing is that! Even the decorations at the church was done by her and the entire family.


They were all smiles when they met that morning.


After visiting her grandparents in Dordrecht, we headed to Grote Kerk for portraits then to church for the ceremony.






What a beautiful church! I didn’t even use my flash the entire wedding from day till night. The beauty of being in Holland during summer is that the sun sets at 9pm!!



Chee Su was really emotional while saying his vows.



And both mothers were equally emotional.




An official family portrait. Look at how cool Christina’s brother is dressed. By the way, he walked down the aisle in shorts and slippers while everyone else wore suits (watch the slideshow to see what I mean!)


There are just so many photos, but I can’t post them all here. The dinner was held in a really cosy restaurant at the Hague with just 30 guests. View the slideshow for more!

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  • andy says:

    really nice pics grace… luv the group shot =))

  • EdwinTan says:

    been to Netherlands once but nvr hv the chance to shoot wedding yet.. nice windmill scenery!

  • sharon t says:

    The flower bouquet were beautiful :) Lovely collection :)

  • Kee Sitt says:

    Natural light is always the best! I wished I was there!

  • paulkong says:

    Grace, u did a great job, i love thsi series much!!! well done!, excellent

  • Kathryne Buckley says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Grace,

    There must be more pictures! You took so many over the few days you were visiting. Can’t wait to stop over by my grandparents and show them how a few of the pictures have turned out. By the way thanks for taking a picture of the back of my head. I had no idea what my hair looked like in the back :D


  • Grace Tan says:

    Hi Amanda! Thanks for dropping by the website. Of course there are heaps more photos! In fact, about 800 of them! I can’t upload them all here, and they are in the edit queue right now. So you’ll have to wait for a few more weeks. :)

  • kitt bosman says:

    lieve Christina,
    het ziet er allemaal prachtig en ontroerend uit. Je straalt op de foto’s!
    Volgens mij was het een top dag.
    Heel veel geluk.
    Groet, Kitt

  • bartel dorhout says:

    Dear bride and bridegroom!
    the pictures show clearly that you are a very happy couple!
    the church is beautiful!
    Thank you for sending these impressions!
    Best regards, Bartel

  • Li Li says:

    Its amazing! I am impressed and amazed!! well done photographers!!

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