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Amy + Stu, The Andaman, Langkawi, Part 1

By 15/09/2009 December 29th, 2009 19 Comments

They met in Canberra years ago, while they were doing their masters. After years of traveling, and time apart, they are now living in Malaysia. Stu works for the Australian embassy, and Amy works with an NGO dealing with families. The moment I met them, I could feel an instant warmth radiating from their direction. It’s hard not to like them.

From various trips to Langkawi, 2 things stands out. The heat. And great sunsets. The other guys shooting with me (Mark, Kee Sitt and Nigel) were downing liquids through out the wedding. And I don’t mean alcohol. The Andaman is a really beautiful resort. Look at the view from Amy’s room!


Amy and Stu, getting ready for the wedding.




Isn’t she stunning?


I think these Malaysian ‘satay’ fans are a great idea!


20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0189.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0196.jpg

I took so many shots of the rings, I can’t decide which are my favourite.


20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0011.jpg 20090724_WEDDING_AMY_STUART_0793.jpg

Back to the beach…


There were many lovely father-daughter moments in this wedding.







More to come soon, including the wedding slideshow!

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  • EdwinTan says:

    nine photos….. fun moments captured

  • David says:

    love the ring shots as well, superbly taken

  • Shen says:

    beautiful bride

  • Eddie Chan says:

    luv these shots!

  • Kevin Tan says:

    I like the shoe shot the most…wow…a new creative shot…nice wan!!!

  • Beck Page says:

    Gorgeous shots Grace!!!!!!!! =)

  • Lois Hui says:

    Very beautiful picutre!! Amy you look great!!!

  • ?????????? says:

    I was so happy to see the pictures!!!
    I will go and see you some day:)

  • Phan Tuan anh ( TIT ) ^^ says:

    i love u all Mai & Kien you’re so beautyfull ! that’s so lovely wedding ! best wish for u my sister & my new brother !MIss u !

  • Trang Nguyen says:

    Love all the photos. Amy you look so beautiful!

  • HUYNH THI LAI says:

    Congratulation to Amy , Stu and both sides family.Amy and Stu , You are so beautiful , the wedding is beautiful and the view is great
    We wish you have happy life .

  • HUYNH THI LAI says:

    Congratulation Your wedding is beautiful . We wish you have happy life together

  • Aunty Louise says:

    Gorgeous wedding! Beautiful photography! Amy and Stu, you both look so happy!

  • Uncle Tom says:

    Lovely photos! My favorites were the one where you’re looking down at your vail and the one with your dad.

  • Congratulation Amy and Stuart on the occasion of your marriage. Mag has just passed the fabulous photographs of your big day and celebrations. Everything was so beautiful and so much orgaisation went into the day. I hope you are very happy and look forward to seeing you Amy again and of course being introduced to Stuart. Enjoyselfs and take good care of each other. I’m sure you parents are very proud of you both. I am too!
    Best wishes and lots of love…….. Nanette xxxx.

  • Van Bach says:

    Congratulation Amy. I still remember visiting Australia in the 80s and meeting you for the first time. You were 8 years old, same age as my daughter now. You are so grown up and beautiful. I wish you and Stuart a very long and happy lives together.

  • Zu Mian says:

    Amy & Stuart,

    TAHNIAH!!! (Congratulations, in Malay…) A lovely wedding. Love the photos, you both make a really gorgeous couple and here’s wishing a life together full of health, wealth (more money never hurts!) and peace.

    Bahagia Selalau… (Happiness Always)


  • Therese Wicks says:

    The chemistry between you and your life-partner is just electric, I am so pleased for you! Keep glowing princess and treasure your future with this your delightful man.

  • Amy says:

    Thanks to our friends and fam for checking out our wedding pics and for the lovely comments. Missing you all and hope to see you soon! xx

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