After traveling to Bangladesh in April for Ali & Farhat’s wedding shoot, I’ve had multiple inquiries about flying the team to Bangladesh for other weddings. I’ve learnt so much about the Bengali culture these past few months and found out that there a number of Bangladeshis who live in Malaysia! (even Integricity‘s office has one working there).

One day, I received a call from Purny. She is a Bangladeshi student in MMU and is engaged to Sadi who also studies at MMU. Their wedding is in January 2010. Though they didn’t fly me to Dhaka to cover their wedding, I had the privilege of shooting their portraits here in Malaysia.

Can you believe that this was taken in their backyard in Putrajaya? If only Putrajaya wasn’t so far, I wouldn’t mind waking up to this kind of view every day!

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  • CL says:

    They are such a beautiful couple. I’m excited to know more about Bangladeshis in Malaysia and in Bangladesh. Hope to see more pics of them!

  • Nora Ismail says:

    My bad but I read the title of the blog post as Sad + Funny. She’s gorgeous & he’s pretty good lookin’ – definitely a beautiful couple!

  • Asther says:

    Oh I love the shot near the bamboos! ;)

  • Amy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous shots!
    I especially like the last one – she’s so cute and he looks so into her – plus the light is amazing :)

  • Grace Tan says:

    Nora, haha you made my day reading your comment!
    Amy, nice to have you visit our new blog! Do come back often! Hope your trip back to Australia was a relaxing one.

  • Suzi Q says:

    They are a beautiful couple. You did an amazing job of showing the Love between these two. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and their Love with the world. Bless you.

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