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Photographed by Dawn McCarthy

By 06/04/2010April 8th, 20105 Comments

While I was at WPPI, I blogged about winning a competition where I got a free photo shoot with Dawn McCarthy, a photographer from Jacksonville, Florida. Being in front of the camera makes me realize how tough it is posing for the camera! It’s one thing when you are photographing others, it’s another when you are being photographed. This session puts me in my client’s shoes and helps me think about how I’d like to be treated during a shoot.

I am the kind of person that enjoys being ‘talked’ to. I love it when I am told what to do by the photographer. Most times, when you’re in front of the camera, you feel a little self-conscious and wonder if what you’re doing looks good or silly. So everyone needs a little direction and reassurance now and then.

In my photo shoots with my couples / families, I do constantly yak away… and perhaps this way of working stems from some subconscious need to make others feel comfortable. I usually pose my clients too. I tell them how to sit, stand, where to put their hands etc. Then the most important part of making a photograph happens – I talk to them so that they exude some kind of emotion / expression. That’s when the magic happens – when my shutter clicks at the right moment the chemistry happens.

So here are my photos – photographed and edited by Dawn. It was  a chilly day in Las Vegas, but I totally enjoyed myself with Dawn. Thanks for the memorable photo shoot and great images!

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