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Garden wedding at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang, Penang: Greta & Mohit (part2)

By 29/04/2010 August 18th, 2021 14 Comments

Garden Ceremony & Dinner Reception: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang, Malaysia
Photographers: Grace & Johan
Videographer: Wedding Story

View part 1 of the wedding.

While the rest of the guests were getting ready for the dinner reception, the bridal party together with Mo and Greta were out on the beach having some fun!

Johan took this shot below while I was shooting from another angle…

Mo wanted a shot of Greta in her veil, so we quickly hooked it on, and got this shot… I love the detail on her veil!

A lot of things in this wedding are themed red. Like the tables and chairs in this ballroom.

And so, it only made sense to take the ring shots against something red!

The cake at the dinner reception varies in colour depending on the lighting at that time.

I can’t help photographing kids. They have this look that demands to be photographed!

Find the official photographer. Hehe…

Not only were the speeches good, the dancing was pretty awesome too!

Johan took this cool dancing shot (below) with off camera flash. It was really dark while the dancing was happening, so we utilized flash, video light, and high ISO on the cameras! Thank God for 6400 ISO setting on my 5D Mark2. :)

I had a great time at your wedding, Mo & Greta. Thanks for your confidence in my team even though you only met me on your wedding day for the first time! Wishing you years and years of happiness together!

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  • Asther says:

    Totally love her dress! Now I SHOULD have made something lidat for myself! :P

  • Love the bridal party shot :D I need to get good ones myself as well. The standard shots have to go out the window!

    And official photographer spotted! Second from the left, looks like she was having fun too.

  • JS Chui says:

    Awesome shots..Love the combination of the technologies for the “off camera flash, video light, and high ISO on the cameras” shot.

  • love love love her dresses – both of them!

  • Grace Tan says:

    Hey Sonia & Asther, I love her dresses too! Very good taste. :) In fact, I love all sorts of Indian dresses, sarees, tops, punjabi outfits. I own one saree but never learnt to tie it properly!! So I’ve never worn it before.

    Chui: The flash and video light gave the shots a more dramatic effect.

  • Mong Ling says:

    Grace, you and your team did it again, amazing work!

    The bride is so pretty, love her dresses, the bridal party and the invitation too! Beautiful wedding!

  • Ik Bing says:

    Good job, Grace..! Love to see those portraits and the detail shots (the RINGs!), oh ya.. good tricks on the dancing moments, the amount of lighting used + ambient is just nice..!

  • CL says:

    I always love the dancing at the end of Indian weddings. So fun!

  • Greta says:

    Thanks Grace and Johan! One of my cousins said the best thing she liked about the shots was that they captured the happiness/emotions of everyone..Which is exactly what Mo and I wanted in our wedding pictures :)! The photos of the kids are perfect and so glad you’ve got some candid shots of our family and friends too! xx The Bride n Groom

  • sumathi says:

    may i know where you did your make-up?

  • Grace Tan says:

    Hi Sumathi, I am not sure who was the make up artist for the bride. I remember it was done at the resort itself in Penang though.

  • Annie says:

    Amazing shots. Well done. Love love her first dress. It looks like a fusion between a sari and a dress. Do you know where she got that from..the veil and all that. ! Its fab .

    • Grace Tan says:

      Hi Annie, so sorry not sure where she bought it from. Most likely overseas as she doesn’t live here in Malaysia.

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