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Fashion savvy female photographers

By 10/05/201010 Comments

Ever since I became a photographer, I have griped on and on about not having anything to wear for a shoot. To be honest, back then, I didn’t really know how to dress. I only knew that most photographers wear black (which to me, is really really boring, despite the many explanations of how black should be THE colour).

My choice of wardrobe was always linked to what I had to have on me at the time of shoot. During full day wedding shoots, I always carry my Think Tank pouch with me that contains memory cards, spare batteries, name cards, my phone, lens pen, and lenses (of course, duh!). I find that having a pouch helps alleviate the stress of carrying a heavy slingover bag on my shoulder. I don’t want to be carrying two camera bodies (with flash sometimes) on my shoulder AND lenses too. So the weight of the lenses rest on my waist and hips.

Ok so Lara Croft look-alike belt is ready.

So obviously, dresses are a no-no right? It’s fashion kill to combine both a pouch and a dress like how I did here:

I only wore a dress for this shoot because it was sooooo hot during that wedding! Photo taken by Mark.

So, most times, I am wearing pants and a shirt/nice top for a shoot. Like this:

Ok, I don’t always shoot barefooted! This was taken by Ian at Alfred & Geeta’s Hindu wedding last year.

I always believe that a photographer should look and dress well for the occasion. I don’t feel it is appropriate for a photographer to come for an event dressed shabbily when all the wedding guests are dressed so well. Round collared T-shirts are a no-no for formal wedding events!

But you know, ultimately, I would LOVE to wear something like this at shoots:

Minus heels of course. I cannot imagine running around for 10 hours on heels.

Lately, I won a Shootsac bag which means that I can ditch the pouch for short shoots. But after 5 hours of shoot, it is still a bit painful on the shoulders. However, the Shootsac enables me to wear dresses without butchering the entire look. :)

Alright, this is NOT a dress, but it’s a shot of how my Shootsac looks. Taken by Shu Wan.

A few years ago, Veralyne, a superb gown designer who used to work with Pretty in White, but now has her own label… told me that she’d design a dress for me for shoots. Recently, she gave me this design:

It looks lovely! I asked her, “Where to put lenses?” and she has yet to get back to me. Hehe…

Anyhow, I think for now, I’ll just stick to wearing pants, nice tops / shirts with the Think Tank pouch and occasionally a dress with the Shootsac.

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  • Joanna says:

    Grace, that’s such a lovely dress your friend designed for you! i’m excited to see how second draft looks like :)
    I’m glad you did a post like this. I’ve often had problems figuring out what to wear whenever I go for 1/2 day shoots.

  • Mark Leo says:

    Am I also required to wear a dress now when I go on shoots with you?

  • Veralyne Ng says:

    Lol!!! Sketches are coming soon… I’ve been asking around and measuring the lenses and stuff… ((-_-))”” Okay, I have no idea at all… Oh well, I think ladies photographer should be vogue too! Imagine, standing up tall with your “M16″ pointing at your clients with 4” wedges! That is so cool~ ~ ~ ~ … I’ll keep you posted! Int√©ressant~ ~ ~

  • Grace Tan says:

    Veralyne: You have to make the pockets really tough to secure the weight of the lenses. :)

    Mark: You can wear a dress if you like, but you’ll have all sorts of looks coming your way on a shoot! :) Hehe your photos will always have shocked faces.

    Joanna: Thanks! I am glad this post helped you. I believe women should look good and yet professional on shoots.

  • Huey Yoong says:

    Very relevant points raised Grace!

    I usually wear something classy yet comfy during wedding shoots – black shift dress, nicely cropped pants with classy top & usually with flatties/low heels.

    For casual shoots, I’m usually decked out in tank tops + shorts (in this climate anyway) In temperate climate, it’d be jeans & a lightweight jacket/trench to allow movement. Coats are too heavy!

    Gear wise, I have a photowalk Crumpler which keeps the gear handy.

    Looking forward to see that dress Veralyne’s designing to come into fruition! :)

  • Mich says:

    Love that dresss+ the colour :)

  • Eileen says:

    How timely Grace!! I was just having a “friendly” discussion with Mit about how we should DRESS UP properly for our shoots! How Nice to be able to go dressy with ruffles and laces but imagine the disgusting perspiration!!! Awww!! Good post u have here! haha

  • Jon Low says:

    sickkkkkkk! :) don’t you just love her :)

  • Grace Tan says:

    Huey Yoong: Thanks for sharing! Nice to know what other female photographers wear on shoots. :)

    Mich: I know you want to be a photographer right.. :) Don’t need to do wedding planning la…

    Eileen: Yes, we should definitely dress up! Make Mit read this article. Hehe…

    Jon: I assume you are referring to Veralyne! :)

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