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Wedding of Mak & Elsa

By 13/05/2010 8 Comments

Photographers: Grace & Mark
5D Mark 2 Video: Alex & Shu Wan
Same Day Slideshow Editing: Shu Wan
Gown: Pretty in White
Make Up: Angie Ng
Dinner Reception: Jaya Palace Restaurant

Two days before their wedding, I spoke to Elsa, and she told me, “I am not sure whether we are going to have a tea ceremony in the evening or morning with my relatives… let’s play by ear and see what happens” That’s how laidback Mak & Elsa are when it came to planning their wedding. She told me that her friends fretted more than she did over the wedding! Despite all that fretting, things went well for Mak & Elsa, and their wedding day breezed along smoothly.

This was my first time at Balakong, and I am glad I didn’t get lost finding Elsa’s place! Thank God for google maps! But I think it is time for me to invest in a GPS.

Together with my team, we came up with this same day slideshow that was played that night at Jaya Palace Restaurant. Watch out for the cool ring shot thought up by Mark at the end of the slideshow!

Here are some of my favourite shots from their wedding.

The lace on her gown is just exquisite!

For this shot, Mark had to hold a reflector next to me, not to reflect the light on Mak & Elsa, but to shade them from the sun!

This is kind of how the place looked like:

I didn’t know it when I took this teapot shot, but it seems that teapots were going to be the theme for the day!

Especially at Jaya Palace Restaurant, where they had large pillars filled with cool teapots like these! We were a little worried that we’d knock into these teapots as we squeezed between tables…

This restaurant had really really good food.

Thanks for being so welcoming and for taking care of my team, Mak & Elsa. Oh, and thanks for walking up and down the stairs a couple of times for us to get the ring shot, Elsa!! :)

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  • MunKeat says:

    Nice work Grace and Team ! Cheerios and keep it up guys : )

  • sharon t says:

    hmmm.. the slideshow video was cut off at 1:47… can’t see the rest… err.. something wrong?

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks Sharon! I’ve checked it and am uploading a new one now. I think there was a problem with the file transfer. Mun Keat, thanks for visiting! :)

  • Rui Di says:

    AWESOME! totally like the video with 5DMII :) Well done.

    Grace, may i know how you shoot the tea pot? the light setup, if you don’t mind to share

  • Grace Tan says:

    Hey Rui Di, No problems. It was a really simple set up. We placed the teapot on top of a dish washer / washing machine, and shone a video light from the top. The white wall in the background turned dark / black because of the difference in exposure.

  • sharon t says:

    yeyy… done watching…. ohh the ring shot was really really good n well thought of :)

  • Anna-Rina says:

    Naiiisss! :D And yes, the food at Jaya’s yummy!

  • Photog Mao says:

    Hi Grace…

    Dropping by to say Hi after listening your talk at DCIM today (Sun).
    Very inspiring & informative… thx ! ^^

    Nice shots in your photos… you are one of the great Malaysian wedding photographers…
    Hope to learn more from you in future… :D


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