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A mother’s unending love

By 02/07/201013 Comments

In May and June, I ran a competition to give away a free portrait shoot. One of the two winners is Selina, whose story is written beautifully by her husband Robert. Here is his write up that won her a free portrait shoot:

Last year July, my wife was pregnant. We were very happy waiting for the arrival of this second child.

However, in the 3rd month of the pregnancy, my wife experienced the membrane ruptured where there was very little amniotic fluid inside the water bag. When she was in the 5th month, the fluid never increased. Doctor advised us to terminate this pregnancy as the complications would cause abnormalities in the baby, and infections to my wife which may lead to death.

My wife, who had been happily waiting for the second baby, refused to terminate. She went to see several famous gynaes in the Klang Valley and all she got was the disappointing news.

She was still very persistent and flew to Singapore on her own without me knowing to seek the final opinion.

The Singapore gynae said she should continue the pregnancy. She should give the little life a chance to choose his life.

Throughout the remaining of the pregnancy, my wife encountered bleeding, fluid leaking every night when she was sleeping, she had mood swing, she was exhausted, and been refrained from many of the daily activities that she likes to do. She was not allowed to go swimming, yoga, shopping, driving, going up stairs, walking, and this was a torture for an active person like her.

The day had come and she was in the labour room with 7-8 doctors surrounding her. They were expecting that this baby was not going to make it. Baby is finally born at 7th month. I am proud to say that my wife and baby are both healthy. The doctors said this is a miracle! We have created a miracle baby!! Our son is now 3months old and he is growing like a full term baby!!

I am thankful for my wife for her persistence. She has gone through the pain throughout the pregnancy and I really want her to be deserved for this photo shoot, together with our miracle baby.

This is a family that really stuck through thick and thin. I had the pleasure of meeting their 2 wonderful children Jovie & Jovan, the miracle baby. Here are some shots from our portrait session!

This is Jovan, the miracle baby. He was a little sleepy during our photo session.

Seeing Jovan here and hearing their story reminds me of how good God is.

A little sisterly love going on here…

Some father-daughter time.

And finally, some photos of Robert & Selina together. Robert, you have an amazing wife, who has such a strong spirit and energy! And two beautiful children, whom I’m sure bring tremendous amounts of joy to the both of you. You guys definitely deserve this shoot.

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  • sharon t says:

    Awww….. she totallly deserved it :) beautifool photos with happiness

  • Audrey Fong says:

    Love the expression on Jovan’s face in pic no. 2!

  • CL says:

    What a loving mother, I’m sure she has no regrets. Her children and husband are very blessed.

  • selina says:

    hi grace, we truly love the pictures. thanks for giving us this winning opportunity for the photo shoot. we definitely look forward for other events that we can engage your service!

  • Cecilia says:

    very touching story and very lovely shoots… they definitely deserved it…

  • Angie says:

    A very touching story. If i am in her shoe, I would have terminated the pregnancy without a second blink.

    Selina, I admire your persistence, patience and above all your sacrifices
    Robert, you are truly a remarkable man

  • Cynthia says:

    Grace, thanks for sharing this miracle baby story. As a pregnant mother-to-be myself, there are times I am anxious and worry about the condition of my baby. This is a good reminder of how good God is and I echo to that! What He has created, He will see it through to the end! Amen!

    Selina, praise God for your beautiful baby boy!

  • Grace Tan says:

    Cynthia: Welcome! I am glad that their story inspired and encouraged so many women out there. Looking forward to seeing you in KL again soon!!

    Thanks everyone else for leaving your comments!

    Selina: Am glad that you love the photos! :) Makes me really happy to be part of something special.

  • Jovan is so cute! *pinch pinch cheeks* :D

  • CindyVazzy says:

    Such beautiful portrait shots. My eyes teared up when I was going through all the pictures. You captured the essence of Love perfectly.

  • Selina says:

    Going through these pictures captured years back. Really love the pictures. My son is turning 5 soon, and he is hyper-active, mischievous yet adorable and loving. Yes, thank God giving us this precious!
    Thanks again Grace for the wonderful photos.

  • Selina says:

    Talking about Grace’s networking event and it brought me back to this shoot 13 ago…..
    My miracle boy is now 13 years old, a gentleman, loving and caring. Grace, this shoot always made me realised how great the God is!
    You are always being nice and caring to share and that’s why you are always blessed by God.

  • Grace says:

    Aaw thank you Selina, we are so glad to be part of this special moment in your life. 13 years have flown by! How incredible is our God, we are blessed indeed.

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