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Family Portraits: Dr Tan & Dr Helena

By 03/08/2010 7 Comments

How apt that little Bernadette would be holding a book called “God Made”, when it is so obvious that God put His love and perfection into creating this little bundle of joy. Her twin brother, Benjamin, and older sister, Brigitte are equally precious creations in God’s eyes.

Dr Helena and Dr Tan are both gynaecologists – and they are such a warm couple. I got to know Dr Helena through Pitter Patter, an online pregnancy guide for women. I have done a number of maternity shoots with Pitter Patter, and after a few months, Dr Helena said “I’d love to have you photograph my family too!”

If you ever get to meet Dr Helena, you will instantly feel a connection and warmth that radiates from her. She smiles and laughs a LOT – which I am sure makes all the first-time pregnant mummies all comfy and less nervous! She is personable, and even has time to comment on my photos on Facebook! Hahaha…I always thought a doctor’s schedule is really hectic!

So I had the privilege of photographing her family at their condo in Ampang recently. It was pouring cats and dogs when I got there, and we didn’t even venture out of the condo. Thanks for feeding me white wine at 4.30pm as well… a little too early to party, I thought… :)

A little action here with sunglasses…

You have a beautiful family, Dr Helena and Dr Tan! Thanks for your friendship!!

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  • Pamelyn Tan-Corsi says:

    Like all the shots Grace. Looks like a happy family and the kids are so adorable.

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks for your comment, Pamelyn!

  • Helena Lim says:

    Dear Grace,

    Thank you so much for your good work and your creativity. We have enjoyed the photo session so much….Thank you so much for your patience (three hyperactive kids…..) and certainly your friendship had enriched our lives too!!!!

    Dr Helena

  • Agnes Lim says:

    nice shoot :)!

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks Dr Helena! :) I loved the experience too. Your kids are adorable.

  • Sueanne says:

    Hi Dr. Lim . I have tried 3 cycles of ivf and failed. I’m going to be 43 years ago old. My AMF shown a low ovarian reserve. What is my chances of having a fourth ivf? I’m really desperate to have my own child.

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