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Jason + Krystal + 3 cute boys

By 08/09/20103 Comments

Jason and Krystal have their hands full. Their first two boys, Ryan & Jaden are energetic enough to bring the house down. And now, comes Damien. When I stepped into Krystal’s family home for our photo shoot, both Ryan and Jaden were running around the house with their cousins. The Decibel level was pretty high. :) It makes me wonder how did parents in the generation before manage with 10 or 13 children in the house.

Boys will be boys and so Ryan and Jaden promptly ignored us while we started our photo shoot with Damien. He turned one month recently. Isn’t he adorable? I love the giraffe blanket and basket that Krystal prepared for the shoot.

His first professionally taken nude portraits. Hehe…

Damien is a sleepy baby.

I love shooting babies without clothes on. I think they just look so adorable and vulnerable that way. Only hazard is when they decide to take a leak while the photo shoot is going on…

Jason is oblivious at this stage to what is happening. Look closely and you will see droplets of pee down Damien’s legs! Damien’s look of satisfaction is priceless! Poor Krystal…

Got Damien cleaned up and changed into proper clothes!

Ryan and Jaden showing a little brotherly love to Damien.

Finally, we managed to get the boys for a quick family shot.

Jason & Krystal, I hope you enjoyed the shoot the other day. And no, I wasn’t terrorized by your children! Thanks for the opportunity!

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