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Yay, I wanna win those vouchers!

By 23/09/2010October 25th, 20108 Comments

Updated: This contest is now closed.

I love my clients. And I love photographing couples in love. I am constantly grateful for the wonderful clients that God has brought my way over the past few years. Stories as a brand was only started this January 2010, and I am amazed at the response to our work! So, as my gift back to the people, I have 3 discount vouchers I’d like to give away to a couple who would love to have their pre-wedding portraits taken by us.

A RM300 Stories voucher to be used with any of our pre-wedding packages

A RM200 voucher from That Special Occasion

And a RM100 voucher for additional album purchases

How do you win it? It’s dead easy. Just leave a comment on this blog post stating why you deserve to win those vouchers. Tell me your stories! One winner will be selected by 1st October 2010 to win all 3 vouchers! Vouchers are valid for use up till 31 January 2011. So let’s get started!

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  • Baljit says:

    This is the best news I have heard today!
    I neeeeeed this:) between a huge punjabi engagement and an even bigger punjabi wedding which lasts for days as you know, the expenses are also BIG!!
    On top of that I have to convince my other half that pre wedding pictures are a NEED and no more a WANT:)
    That apart I have been following your pictures.. I must say that usually after following a photographer for sometime I can usually know their ‘style’ but somehow you always do surprise me:)

  • Shi En says:

    I guess I am one of the first few who clicked “like” on this post. Hehe. :)

    I would loveeee to win the vouchers to allow my love story to be captured by the wonderful story tellers, Grace & team. Simply because, it have always been a believe of mine that only pictures can capture the moment, the people and the feelings at any point of our lives.

    Wedding is one of the greatest events in life whereby you finally unite with the one you truly love & to share this big day with the closest people in your life. However, the gap in this is when your future loved ones will not be able to share it. (Well, simply because they are not yet in your life, just yet – I am referring to our future kids? Haha) But with the power of technology & the artistic touch, we can bring this wonderful event back to life and show it to our precious future generation where pictures can paint a thousand words… and I can show them how our very own fairytale unfolds… So, winning this vouchers will allow me to show our love story to the people from our past, present and future! How wonderful is that?

    Much love, Shi En…

  • Yong says:

    I think I’m the 3rd to post a comment here… Please let number 3 be my lucky number to win RM 300! I’m overjoyed that this came about cause I’m REALLY in need of some financial assistance (be it big or small) especially when it comes to photography. I feel that this is the best investment in times to come because those are the only memories and images we can capture for a 1 day wedding and make it last a lifetime. Our own memory might fail us as we get older, but photos will always be with us to remind us how we celebrated our love and journey together as soulmates… :)

  • Sara Jayne says:

    We’ve been together 7 years and I have never been able to express exactly what our love means and how we feel about each other in words. I would love the opportunity to tell our story and express our feelings for each other through photos. It is always a fear that memories and our ability to hold on to them may wear thin with the passing of time but having an album of our story would be the best reminder of where we started and how our story unfolded. And who better to capture our story than STORIES themselves??

  • Saw Wen says:

    Here goes…

    It was more than 10 years ago when we first met in a Bahasa Melayu tuition class. He was the one who always seem so sleepy clad in his many collections of Calvin & Hobbes t-shirt. I had the same t-shirts too. Well, such a coincidence, I said to myself. From that day onwards, I did not dare wear those t-shirts to class. Did not want to be teased, you see.

    Now, looking back to that particular day, perhaps it was not such a coincidence after all. It was a sign, a sign that I took noticed of him and his mesmerizing eyes filled with mystery which got me wanting to know him more. Time really flies and it has been a good 10 years since we “clapped” (one cannot clap with just 1 hand, it takes two to clap) together and this would make a great early 11th anniversary gift!

  • Germaine says:

    hello there!

    wow..i am so happy that u have this..giveaway voucher..excited!

    Here is the reason why i would like to win the voucher from you..i am a student..who is 24years old.and my brother is getting married next year.he had taken his pre-wedding pictures.but they sort of regretted it after i showed them ur website.especially my sis in law.she loves ur work and also contacted u and asked for ur quotation about hiring u guys as their photographer on their actual wedding day.They are both doctors.so i was thinking to win this voucher from u..and..give them a surprise! since they said..if they would have known..they would have want u guys as their photographer.as i am a student as i mentioned above.so i do not have any income to buy any wedding gifts ( unless the cheap ones) .however,since this is a great opportunity for me to win them a wedding gift! why not?

  • Poongundran says:

    Yay, I’d love to win these vouchers. My would be and I met nearly 8 yrs ago and she has been the best thing happening in my life. Getting these vouchers means giving her the best in photography and hopefully it could help ease our burden arranging an Indian wedding and dinner. It’s all for you Valarmathi!!!

  • Carolyn Lee says:

    Hi there…I love the brand STORIES and the photography skills of Grace…..I hope my story has touched the heart of this team to want to tell my story through their pictures.

    I studied in Europe under a scholarship but along the way serendipity knocked on my door and I met this wonderful guy, Jonathan Rogge. With a whirl of romance and big dashes of reality to weigh the pros and cons, I finally decided to be his wife. I just had my ROM in Belgium with many struggles along the way to just get married to the love of my life. With that came with other more critical decisions like how to start my life here, work permits and more paperwork to get things in order …..

    Glad to say, we survived it all and this little annoyances strengthen our bond. I am now, Mrs Rogge but this photography voucher would come in handy because at the moment, there is such a limited budget to have photography by a professional. And being a crazy photography addict, I just feel it would be a real pity not to have some special moments taken by Incredible people of the trade.

    I am having a wedding in Malaysia next year and would really be grateful that this special group would be there for my day….capturing my smiles, tears and emotions during this meaningful day of my life. I would ever be so grateful……

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