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Shanghai Love: Yee Jenn & Kristin

By 03/11/20104 Comments

Photographer: Grace
Make Up & Hair: Michelle Touche
Cheongsam: Emerald Brilliant
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

Last year, I traveled to Egypt with my husband Alex, his sister, Sarah and her good friend Kristin. Though I have known Kristin for quite a few years, it was only during this trip that I got to know her a lot better. That’s when I discovered that Kristin does not really like to be outdoors, and that she must have chocolates everyday. Like EVERYDAY. We had fun during our trip, and this year, I had the pleasure of shooting her pre-wedding photos, and soon, wedding as well.

Yee Jenn loves photography and he was really excited about the shoot. I was thrilled when they came up with the idea of shooting in an old cafe with a Shanghai theme! This famous cafe, called Yut Kee Coffee Shop, belonged to Kristin’s uncle, so permission granted, we headed over to the heart of KL for a fun time. On a normal working day, you would have a hard time finding a table to sit at, but the entire shop was closed that day so we had the whole space to ourselves!

Kristin has watched many, many episodes of America’s Next Top Model, so she knew exactly what she had to do to come up with a great pose! And boy, did they pose! The both of them look so good together!

Do you know the kaya rolls here are the best? It’s just sooooo delicious! Needless to say, we ate the props after the shoot!

I love everything in this cafe, from the old fans, radio, safe, and even windows!

Yee Jenn looking ever so hot!

They look awesome in a gown and suit too!

We had 2 locations for this shoot, the other place was at Ulu Yam. It was my first time there, so I didn’t quite know what to expect! I only knew that the scenery is beautiful because of the dam and also waterfall. By the way, did you know that places like these charge a fee if you are doing a pre-wedding shoot there? If you shoot at FRIM, it costs about RM80-100 (if I remember correctly), but for Ulu Yam, it is slightly cheaper. Anyhow, there wasn’t any official receipt given to us… just hand written note on the entrance ticket! Makes me wonder who keeps the ‘fee’…

I had a great time that day, Yee Jenn and Kristin, and I hope you did too, despite the heat and insects! :) I look forward to your wedding in 2011, and to many years to friendship. Hugs, and keep those poses coming!

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  • Asther says:

    She’s GORGEOUS! If she goes for those Asian pin-up girls theme, she’ll be the perfect model!

    And my gosh… that old radio! I SOOOOO WANT IT! (for my baby shoots, of cos). If they ever wana sell it, pls oh pls let me know! *fingers crossed*

  • Anish Mistry says:

    Amazing photos, love the theme and all the attention to detail in the cafe…truly original!

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks Anish! The details in the cafe are really original! The owners left it that way.

    Asther, she is, isn’t she! The old radio is really so amazing. I think if you go to Jonker St in Malacca, can find things like these. Maybe we should do a trip one day!

  • michelle tan says:

    Grace..Nice photos…Yes..Original..Is original photos and really show Yee Jenn and Kristin Happiness and loving moment.. although Kristin does not like to be outdoor shoot..but it show Kristin really enjoy the shoot..**
    From : Michelletouche

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