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Who’s a Risk-taker?

By 17/12/20103 Comments

I had a panic attack. Seriously. I felt as if I couldn’t really breathe and started to think of the worst case scenario. It happened yesterday evening when Alex called me to tell me that the Bangladesh high commission was closed for their Victory day and he could not collect my passport. This would be all fine and dandy if it weren’t for my scheduled flight to Singapore today.

Since I’ll be traveling to Bangladesh in January 2011, I needed to apply for a visa. There were many issues that we faced the past 2 weeks… from our travel agent saying that we did not have enough documents, to the travel agent calling us again and saying that we had to go PERSONALLY to apply for the visa, then us traveling there, me running to KL again to pick up my passport to be told that you could only get it between 4-5pm and not any other time.

Which eventually led to the incident yesterday. As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting at the airport now waiting for my flight (which is delayed by the way, thanks Tiger!). Alex, being the calm and collected person that he is, told me not to worry.

Not to worry!????!

I ONLY had Friday (between 4-5pm) to collect my passport and then travel to LCCT for my flight that is supposed to fly off at 7pm. And then, what if the embassy is closed on Friday? What if they had another holiday? What if they don’t allow passports to be collected on Friday, for whatever reason? And what about the wedding that I am supposed to shoot on Sunday in Singapore!!!??

Not to worry?!

I realize from this incident that I am pretty much a non-risk taker and that I cannot stand stressful situations like these. I am pretty much a pessimistic person. I started to think of what I needed to do in case I could not head to Singapore… I even thought of whether there is such a thing as a one day pass to Singapore without a passport. I was desperate.

I only knew to pray and to commit my worries to the Lord. In my heart, I whispered, “All things are possible through Christ…” and I knew that I HAD to let go. What else could I do? Occasionally, I would lapse into my panic mode again but then I reminded myself to trust God. And trust I did. He did not fail me.

Thank God for His faithfulness!

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