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Santa’s Sock

By 23/12/201013 Comments

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love listening to Christmas carols that remind me of Jesus’ birth, receiving and giving presents, and spending time with friends and family. This Christmas I haven’t really had much time to do all of the above as I have been rushing to complete and deliver work to clients after the peak wedding season of 2010. Yesterday, I came down with some flu-ish symptoms but took heaps of Panadol, vitamin C and my mother-in-law’s home made concoction for sore throats – the snakegrass pill (don’t ask me what it is really!). Topped off with a yummy dose of tong yuen (I love those glutinous rice balls!), I am all better already.

I am constantly grateful about what I have in life. God has been good to me all these years, and this year is no exception. I have written a full blog post reflecting about the year that has just passed which will be shared next week. I am so grateful for the clients that have come through my doors, shared their lives with me and given me the privilege of capturing their life through my lens. And for all my blog readers and Facebook supporters who have encouraged me with their words.

Sooooo…. I’d like to give away some pressies to you… And since it is the end of the year when most people are away on holidays or traveling… these pressies are handpicked for you! (you can use them on your honeymoon too!)

1. iTunes gift cards (USD$25 each) – I am a geek and like to share the geeky-ness. You can use it to purchase songs, apps for your iPhone/iPad, and stock up on games like Angry Birds for your trip! I have two of these to give away!

2. Spider Podium – A stand for your iPhone or as a little grip for your small compact camera. Use it in your car, on your office desk, or just bend the legs and attach it to a chair. This is so that you can have an alternative tripod for your mini camera (sorry it won’t hold the weight of a DSLR) or just increase your cool factor.

3. TSA Locks – Keep your items secure when you travel. Something practical and can be used in ANY country in the world. Two to give away too.

4. Microbites – When traveling, something like this is really handy. Especially if you are on a backpacking trip across Vietnam or Cambodia! You will always have a spoon/fork/knife with you.

5. M Rock camera strap – While on holiday, you also need a trusty camcorder or camera strap. It’s lightweight but strong!

So, how do you get these gifts? All you have to do is leave a message for me… Share what you love about the Stories brand and one area we can improve on. You can comment on this blog post, on the Stories Facebook page or on Twitter (@StoriesMY).

I’ll select the seven best answers and will be randomly selecting the gift for you. Entries will be accepted until 31 December 2010. Merry Christmas!

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  • Dear Stories Team,
    It’s a love at first sight. Stories gives me a warm and cozy feeling because each update will tell me a story of love, happiness, family and God. I enjoy reading the lines between pictures and how you guys make genuine relationship with your clients. I even saw my friend’s wedding pictures here! Stories to me is not just a business/service, I can feel the great commandment of Jesus: loving God and loving men. Truly an inspiration towards my life and ministry in Creative Production.
    One area to improve: Really looking forward for some videos/motion pictures here. Try making short films with music, telling stories more vividly maybe :p
    Have a blessed Christmas :)

  • Michele says:

    Hi there!

    I came across Stories by coincidence on FB and as mentioned by Angeline, it is a little of love at first sight which also gives you that sense of warmth. I’ve loved your eye for photography, especially you Grace. Your female’s perspective appeared to have produced a more emotional element to your photos. The others on the team are still great, no doubt.

    My brother’s into photography and I have obviously introduced your site to him (and he agrees with me)I can’t wait for the day to give your packages as a wedding present to close friends and esp my brother.

    The area to improve would definitely be the videos aspect, I’ve been always looking forward to your videos but sadly, there seemed to be a dearth of it. I would also like to see more black and white photos, they always intrigue me.

    Merry Christmas to everyone on the team.

  • Kimberley Liew says:

    The one thing I find from your pics is how each pic make me really feel “it” .. I feel touched with the love, smiles and laughter of those people in there.. One area you may consider to improve is where you can try make shots that is done locally in Malaysia ie, beach/greenery shots, feel like it was taken in oversea. HO HO HO !!! Merry Merry Christmass!!!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Samuel Tan says:

    Each time a new story is posted, it always amazed me of how awesome a photographer can brings the beauty of life and love from his/her perspective through the lens into a photograph, and how the sequence of nicely organized photograph bring… imaginations and dreams.

    Maybe video a clip on the making of the story will make the story even more lively and fun :)

    May your family, team and yourself :D have a joyful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Catherine Tan says:

    I am avid fan and follower! Your pics speak so much of passion, friendship, family and love. Its so amazing. And I love the teaser image you recently posted of a photograph in Singapore, where you got your shoes wet! The simplicity speaks volumes. As a suggestion, you could introduce a package for couples who have been married for over 20 years!

  • Joanne Ho says:

    I love that you share so much of yourself in “Stories”. Every photoshoot that you take actually reveals a little more about who the photographer is even though she is on the other side of the lens. The photo tells a story of the subject…but as you share them on here….it tells a bigger story of who the person is behind the lens…makes for an intriguing read.

    Area to improve : More giveaways, perhaps? Hehehe.. :-) Would love to win a photoshoot… (major hint!)

  • Michael says:

    Grace, you’ve come a long way and I’m so happy to see you achieve your dream. Planning and capturing special ‘moments in time’ is what photography is all about. And you let people look back to see that ‘special moment’, just the way it was. On Wednesday, Nim and I showed our wedding video to some ol’ friends not seen for years and their eyes lit up just seeing those ‘moments’. Keep on capturing those because the memories last forever. And what a great job to have!

  • pelf says:

    Grace, I am inspired by your humble beginnings and sheer determination in getting “it” done and done the right way. I love your photos, I love how you share bits and pieces about you and your hark-working team and I love how the photos (how different can wedding photos be, I wonder) turn up so exclusively.

    To Grace and the Stories Team, congratulations on a fantastic year, and CHEERS to more such years ahead :D

  • Amanda Teng says:

    I’ve been following your blog/site for a long time. I have some interest in photography and I love the shots taken and published on stories.my. They are so real in which sometimes I feel like I was present at that certain event too. Love th…e way you project the world through your lenses. You guys are such a creative bunch and by the way, I’m glad you guys are on facebook and twitter too! Nice to see mini updates and teaser images now and then. Keep up the good work!

    One area to improve on could be… give your readers/potential clients more advice, tips & ideas in preparation of a shoot, share some of your skills in photography and experiences & observations on wedding preparations and ceremony, etc. The recent ‘why shoot a pre-wedding’ was a great one! ;)

  • Keith Chong says:

    oh, just in time – i shall be the 1st. happy be-early 1st birthday to Stories!

    a wonderful brand or company – Stories, the wedding shots that you need may find it here. i’ve been following since the day you have started, can’t remember what name was it called. i actually started to follow cause of Integricity, which lead by your husband. Like your work and can see your passion towards your work is amazing. and that has driven you guys to this far. and i believe with His strength and His empowering vision, will lead you guys to greater heights. always like the way you captured the ‘moment’ during the event. never miss those shots and getting the love moments whenever it gets and happened. the photos are not just the work through the lens but also the post-effect that delivers to the viewers, online or on album. where it can be evidently testified to see so many people enjoy your work. the laughter, the tears that stays in the ring of their eyes – all the emotions just stirred up! what can i say, it speaks it all in those still shots.

    nonetheless, surely we all my know there are still rooms for improvements. i would like to share my thoughts in the sense of art & creativity with you.

    be it in still shots or motion pictures, the art of your work can be greatly improve from here. never limit the art and creativity. i believe more can be achieve. capturing not just the moments but also the essence of love. tell the love story of the couple you’re shooting. let their story unfold through your photos. a greater impact will bring to the viewers.

    let no nothing kill that passion you have in your talent. allow the creativity and the art from Him above, the Creator – pass unto you.

  • lee chooi ping says:

    I always looking forward to see the wedding photos you and your group captures. I am a university student. Stories is one of my favourite page in FB. It adds spices into my boring n no entertainment life in university. This is so amazing. I never thought that wedding photos can be so meaningful and touching. The creative ways to capture the couple rings and the different angles to capture the memorable moments of the bride and bridegroom into a photo album is what inspired me a lot. I always feel like wanna getting married whenever admiring at the photos. Hahaha. And I’m glad that you are grateful for everything & give thanks to God for your success.

    Photographer always capture other people’s moment of happiness.
    Do remember to snap more pictures of yourself too, Grace.
    And if possible can you teach us some basic skill of capturing a good picture in fb too? i’m sure alot would love to learn that!
    Happy New Year 2011!

  • Kylie says:

    Beautiful portraits, vibrant hues;
    Personality into photos transfuse;
    These are but a few of the things that make Stories unique;
    To lise all the wonderful things would take at least a week;
    As to an area to improve on, nothing comes to mind.
    And I’m not just being kind.

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thank you for all your encouraging words. At times when the going gets tough (And it will!), these words will help remind me that what I am doing is all worth it! I will take into consideration all the suggestions for changes and hopefully make this space into something really exciting in the future!

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