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A Bangladeshi Wedding: Nabil & Maisha

By 06/04/2011March 6th, 201336 Comments

Photographers: Mark & Andrew
Bride’s Wedding Outfit:  Ritu Kumar
Make Up: Lopa, Farzana Shakil and Dreams
Location: Shenakunjo, Dhaka, Bangladesh

They’ve been childhood sweethearts since the 5th grade. Nabil used to walk past Maisha’s class just to look at her. She knew. Whenever he came by, she would glance his way. Phone conversations after phone conversations led to the start of a deep friendship. A friendship that lasted through the years. Their love blossomed which eventually led to a surprise midnight proposal to Maisha at the Bashundhara lakeside. Nabil presented her a carton full of love letters, gifts and memoirs from their childhood. It’s like a fairy tale come true.

And on the 8th of January 2011, Nabil and Maisha sealed their love for each other in a grand wedding ceremony.

Here’s Mark’s perspective of the events that unfolded that day…

Now a typical wedding day usually consists of just a day of fun and celebrations but when it comes to Nabil and Maisha, the two of them really know how to party! As you would already have seen from the previous posts, Nabil and Maisha spent countless hours preparing for their big day. The venue was laid out with beautiful fairy lights, the weather was fantastic, tents were set up to house the hundreds of people who came to join in the festivities and the food smelt absolutely delicious!

Such is a grand wedding here where the couple marched in with a full on marching band with two horsemen to announce their grand arrival. The hall was packed with friends, relatives, business partners and the whos who of Bangladesh. Believe me, even the President of Bangladesh attended the wedding! Decked in beautiful red cloth, everyone had a fantastic time greeting both Nabil and Maisha on stage as well as partying on the floor and just having fun eating and chit chatting with everyone.

Here are some of the photos that we captured throughout the night.

The event was held at the Army Golf Club in Dhaka. The whole place was decorated so beautifully. Can you spot the canon that is covered with fairy lights?

Part of the tradition requires a negotiation between the two parties, where money is exchanged in a little chest.

Maisha patiently awaits her grand entrance on the palki.

The President of Bangladesh at their wedding.

A mirror is presented to the bride and groom during the wedding. Traditionally, this would be the first time the couple lay eyes on each other through the mirror.

After the wedding ceremony ended, Nabil and Maisha traveled back to Nabil’s home.

Stepping into her new home as bride…

Nabil looks dashing!

And Maisha stunning!

There’s just so many details and images we wish we could share! We’ll be uploading a slideshow of the entire wedding highlights soon. Congratulations Nabil and Maisha!

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  • TianChad says:

    Wow this wedding looks so grand! Like the photo of the horses with the backight =)

  • mou says:

    ITZ JST AWESUM,SUPERB………MASHALLAH..<3 <3 <3…GOD bless thm

  • abul says:

    full of comedy and watage of money

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Abul, I think it’s a matter of preference, some might be frugal in spending money, others would love to have an elaborate wedding.

  • Ha ha ha, Zillur Rahman :) I bet he didn’t receive nearly as much attention in his own wedding. Woe is Bangladesh.

    Great photographs BTW..especially some of the portraits came out brilliant, thanks to (I’m guessing) expensive L-glasses and a full-frame body, right? The compositions are all right too. Commendable work altogether.

  • Grace Tan says:

    Hi Naser,
    Thanks for your comment… well not every lens we own is an L-lens. Basically it’s the skills of the photographers that made the image. I believe everyone can own a camera but honing your skills takes time and effort.

  • Elnaz Ahmed says:

    I loved the pictures… waiting 2 chk out some more…
    I heard about ur photography but this is the 1st time i saw it… good job!!!
    i specially liked the stories… now i know the story behind ur company’s name…. :)

  • faiyaz says:

    simply crap, weird story, photgraphy is the worst i’ve ever seen, no creativity nothing at all, and this place is shenakunjo not golf garden … seems like total thing is comedy circus

  • Lonely Joy says:

    Someone who can organize such a grand wedding must be owning billions of dollars … and what’s their profession? Smugglers? Nead a Naxalite movement here … so much inequality!!! Some people own everything and right beside there are children starving to death !!!

  • Grace Tan says:

    Elnaz, thanks for visiting our website… it’s great to hear from our readers!
    Faiyaz, Can I find out what is it about the photography that you do not like? Photography, like any other type of art, can be very different from one person to another. What you might like, others dislike, and vice versa.
    Lonely Joy, I think that’s not a very fair comment. Yes it’s true that there are many people in the world who are poor. But your comment implies that the rich do nothing for the poor, which is not something we can make as a sweeping statement.

  • Lifeberg says:

    @Grace Tan: I think Faiyaz took it to a unnecessarily higher stage regarding commenting an art work.

    @Faiyaz: I think you are not all wrong, only one thing is noisy here, that’s the some of the portraits lack South Asian posture, which seems to be perfect for the Western Couples but those aren’t suitable for the South Asian couples in Sherwani and Saree. Other than this, photographs are up to the mark.

    @Lonely Joy: I was confused why a man will need to own billions of dollars to arrange such a beautiful wedding. May be they have some government authorities which they can easily use in their family weddings. Also it is not always right that they have enough to spend like this, it too may cost a lot to them. Why are you so sure?

  • Taz says:

    Good work Biraj Bhai…

    @Mr. Joy: I’m really sorry for you. There are people who work hard and earn lotsa money. If they have money which they earned and if they spend that in their children’s wedding then what’s the problem. You know the Indian mittal group.. They spent 750 core taka in their daughters wedding. They have money so that’s why it’s their wish how they will spend it. And for your kind info they are one of top contributor in global charity. In BD there are many groups who makes a lot of profits doing honest business so if they spend it what ever way they like it’s purely their choice. After all they earned it. And they do contribute to the socity. Anyway let’s not go off topic. If you can’t be happy seeing someone else happiness just keep quit…just for the sake of saying just don’t bullshit around.
    Anyway, good work photographers. Liked the work.

  • disappointed says:

    The wedding was pretty ok…. But I have been to way better & stunning weddings in last couple of years. Photography was just ok…but the groom seemed quite a show off to me.

    U see wedding is a huge step in your life…..it should be all about…raw emotions, tears & laughter! But everything here looked made up or posed for! In a nutshell, show off & FLASHY!

  • fatini says:

    Not everyone think alike and own the same preferences. And i truly understand too that the bigger the client’s pocket is the bigger the responsibilty on photographer’s shoulder.. Regardless all the comments, i think you and the team have done a tremendously great job. And to the beautiful bride and groom, GOD bless you.. congratulations.

  • Angel says:

    @disappointed: if u think that it was a pretty ok wedding and u have been to better and stunning weddings then y do u think that it was a show offf……conflicting….some people…..J J J……anyways the photography was great and congratulations to the couple

  • Q. says:

    Absolute ADORE the side profile of Maisha with the veil with the dark background! Even sans the elaborate dress and jewellery, she looks soooo sweet (photo with the president). For all the granduer, they look like a really down-to-earth couple. (just IMHO).

  • river says:

    Gorgeous Wedding! Can you please tell me who did the make up of the bride? Lopa, Farzana Shakil, or Dreams?


  • mashahuq says:

    Is it possible to get picture of the stage decor n ceiling ?? Pls mail it to me at [email protected] thank you 

    • Grace Tan says:

      Hi Masha, I think from some of the photos above, you can see the decor of the stage. We will send you one image that shows the stage clearly.

  • Mnm says:

    Hi can you please give me lopa’ s phone no please please anyone thanks

  • Nina says:

    I liked the exterior decor. Can you please tell me/ email me, who were the decorators? I am planning for my daughter’s wedding some time next yr and I am debating between Sena kunja and Palm beach golf club.
    my email is [email protected]


    • Grace Tan says:

      Hi Nina, thanks for the comments! Unfortunately we do not have the contacts for the decorators as we were just the photographers for the event. I’ll try and ask the couple and see if they can give me a response. I hope you are able to find a good decorator for your daughter’s wedding next year!

  • Hamida Akter says:

    very nice picture

  • Hamida Akter says:

    very nice

  • Mumu says:

    wow jst osm yaar

  • DJ maruf says:


  • Noushin says:

    This is superb! how do I get a story of my own like this? & who are the photographers?

    • Grace Tan says:

      Hi Noushin, we are the photographers for the wedding, based in Malaysia but we travel overseas too. Just send us an email if you’d like to enquire about our rates.

  • erina says:

    its awsame…..!!!

  • sumaiya islam says:

    i wish i can get a story of my own like this…..another splendid photography…. i just love your works…each & every moment u captured i just love it…

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