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Nabil & Maisha’s Portraits in Malaysia

By 03/05/20112 Comments

Photographers: Grace & Weiming

It’s been a few months since Nabil and Maisha’s grand wedding in Bangladesh. The colours of the beautiful outfits, smell of briyani rice, joy and laughter is still fresh in my mind, as if it happened just last month. Recently, Nabil and Maisha came to KL for a short holiday. We spent some time taking more portraits in KL city. We had a good time despite the hot weather. I am amazed how graceful Maisha looked wearing her thick and heavy lenga in the hot Malaysian weather. All for the photos! :)

Reliving some of their wedding moments through images I printed for them…

All the best on your journey of life, Nabil and Maisha! Will see you again next year for your wedding anniversary in Bangladesh!

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  • RM says:

    just LOVE the interesting concepts and poses of couple’s portraits that u come up with Grace!! alongwith the thoughtful locations… do u plan the portraits after seeing the location .. or ‘on the spot’???? however it is… it is always lovely to view :)
    i particularly liked this couple’s portraits at the Ahsan Manzil museum in dhaka…hopefullly some day… i would get the opportunity to be photographed by u Grace……. (not to mention with the same dramatic and bollywood style poses haha)
    loev these set of photos… maisha looks a bit sunburnt though… must have been PRETTY hot

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks RM! I usually plan the poses on the spot as I see the location and also the lighting conditions on that day. It was a pretty hot day!

    Hopefully one day I will be able to photograph you! :)

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