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Pre-Wedding: Han How & Lydia

By 12/05/2011May 25th, 20117 Comments

Photographer: Grace
Make up & Hair: Shinny Ong
Location: UPM, Selangor

In a month’s time, Han How will be tying the knot with Lydia. And what a beautiful day it will be, I am sure of it. I’m definitely looking forward to that big day! Years ago, I got to know Han How when we were working together in the same company. Han How’s the kind of guy you can’t miss. His smile and laughter is so infectious, soon, you’ll be smiling along with him. He’s such an easygoing guy, always willing to go out of his way to help others. I am sure Lydia fell in love with those qualities too. And the fact that he can play the guitar and sing well!

This scene below looks surreal, I know, but I promise you the clouds are real. This was the weather just before the storm started…


Thanks Han How & Lydia for being so ‘cool’ about shooting in the rain! I enjoyed my time with the both of you. See you real soon!

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  • Christina says:

    The background looks familiar; is this somewhere in UPM? :) Love the ‘surreal’ shot, very beautiful!~

  • Grace Tan says:

    Yes Christina, this was taken in UPM. :) The famous tree.

  • David Wong says:

    Wow nice wedding picture man. Thanks for the ideas man. sorry i can’t come to attend your wedding. but when i in kl with my GF i come over visit you 2 man. Remember to bring Jesus into your family man. Congrats bro.

  • Hann Sze says:

    Awesome shots! may i know where is the location pls? thanks!

  • Angeline says:

    Hey Grace,

    May I know how do you get into the UPM farm? Do we need to apply anything to get in? It is my university but we are not allowed to enter but my friends and I wanted to visit the farm. Please let me know about the procedures.

    Thanks so much. :)


  • Grace Tan says:

    Hi Angeline, We have to make a payment to UPM for the shoot. Contact person is Meera at the office. I am sure that you can find out from your uni office. I am surprised that you can’t get in, even though it’s your university?

  • Angeline says:

    We tried to sneak in to take our own picture but they chased us out saying that we needed permission to enter. We asked around but we never get any reply. How much do you have to pay? I will go to the office to ask around then. Thanks so much. :)

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