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Stylized Portraits

By 07/07/2011October 17th, 2013No Comments

I got to know Kenny Shim through last year’s SIBKL & DUMC MadWorld production. It was through this production that I discovered how talented this young man is! He can dance, model, direct a play, choreograph… well, Kenny, what can I say, it’s God-given skills!

Not too long ago, Kenny, together with a few friends, got together with the Stories team to shoot some stylized portraits, kind of like a fun fashion shoot. Together with Mark & Johan, we came up with some pretty awesome shots! Here are some of my favourites…

Image below: Photographed by Johan (left image) and Mark (right image)

Johan’s image below:

My shots below:

Unfortunately it poured and poured that day, with a huge thunderstorm. We couldn’t venture very far from the condo we were in.

Image below: Mark’s shot on the left, mine on the right

Overall, I am pretty pleased with what we could come up with in just 2 hours, despite the pouring rain! All the best with your modeling career, Kenny!

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