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Pre-Wedding: How Wie & Adelene

By 21/08/20112 Comments

Photographer: Grace
Location: Dusun Garden Fairies
Hair & Make up: Shinny
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

One of the most beautiful and memorable places Alex and I have ever been to is Cinque Terre, in Italy. It’s not a common holiday destination for Malaysians as you’d need to travel quite a fair bit to reach this beautiful cliffside destination. Alex and I spent our honeymoon there and we absolutely loved the quaint little villages and doing simple things like hiking from one village to another, while eating grapes and looking at the scenic ocean view.

And so when I found out that one of How Wie & Adelene’s many travel destinations was Cinque Terre, I knew they were a couple after our own heart. :)

Adventure and travel seem to be the theme of their lives. Both flew thousands of kilometres across the globe to London, one escaping the bitter cold of Boston, while the other traveled from New Zealand to visit Europe. As fate would have it, they crossed paths at a mutual friend’s party in London on Valentine’s Day. Over many meals, desserts and shared conversations later… a relationship developed.

And that led to more kilometres of adventure as they visited many countries, explored beautiful sights and discovered love for each other.

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  • Patricia Yim says:

    Congratulations Adeline! Both of you look fantastic with the very well selected outfits. The scenery and backdrop are really beautiful. All in all a good job done to make this happy occasion so memorable. All the best and look forward to seeing you again in November. Take care.

  • Nik Om says:

    Gotta make a trip to this dusun place to check it out for future projects n

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