Love is in the Air: Aaron & Chrystin’s pre-wedding

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Photographer: Grace, assisted by Weiming
Location: UPM, Bangi
Make up: G Fauziah Ismail
Production Design: Kenneth Fong & Jackee Chong from Squarefeet Studio

Aaron & Chrystin’s pre-wedding photo session was so well thought out and detailed, they immediately made it to my ‘Top 5 most prepared bride & groom’ list (next to Jamie & Ann, Alvin & MelissaKenny & PC and Kevin & Katherine – to be blogged after their wedding). I was really amused when Chrystin emailed me a detailed list of what props she would bring, the colour theme of the shoot (CMYK), and other important details like Chrystin’s right side of the face look better sometimes. I hope you’re not embarrassed about this, Chrystin, but I do think it’s great that the both of you are super detailed and communicate these things to me.

Both Aaron & Chrystin work in the creative line (Aaron is a freelance graphic designer with his own t-shirt brand Individium, whereas Chrystin is a multimedia executive). I got to know the both of them some time back when we were all involved in a media conference called Charge Up, organized by LiveWire Media. Aaron & Chrystin are really talented individuals, and it wasn’t a surprise that they planned their pre-wedding shoot to be so graphically interesting. Everything was done with excellence in mind, and it showed in the end. But of course, it couldn’t have been done without the help of their good friends Jackee Chong & Kenneth Fong (a behind the scenes video will be posted soon!).

On Chrystin’s 24th birthday, Aaron proposed to her during a surprise party he organized with some friends. Towards the end of the party, he gave her a gift which included this handmade doll that resembled Aaron (Notice the hairdo! I think it should be the same colour as his hair though!) and this sign that said “Will you marry me?” Aaron promptly went on his knees and gave her a speech on why she should marry him, and told her he won’t stand up till she said “YES!” And the rest is history!

I took the following excerpt from Aaron’s blog post (hope you don’t mind!) cause I think what he wrote there is so true! There is a lot of wisdom in this.

I’m kinda sure a lot of people did not expect this coming from me and would ask questions like, “Are you guys ready for this?” or “Why so soon?” or “Do you have the money to get married?” and all sorts of other questions that the world bombards at people who have the slightest intention to tie the knot in marriage. The truth is, I don’t really understand why people are so concerned over such petty and trivial things. If I do love Chrystin, (and I have the blessings of our parents and spiritual leaders) then that’s all that matters. Everything else is secondary. Period. NOTHING else should stand in the way to hinder me from spending the rest of my life growing old with the love of my life.

If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to marry me because he thinks he’s not ready for marriage yet, then I’d be very offended. Offended because he’s not sure if I’m the girl he’d want to spend the rest of his life with. If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to marry me because he thinks he doesn’t have enough in his bank account, then I’d be very offended. Offended because money has robbed early marriage, youth and happiness from me. If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to marry me because he thinks he needs to climb the career ladder, buy a house, buy a car and get everything else so that I can live comfortably before he can marry me, then i’d be very offended. Offended because he did not include me in his life experiences and achievements. That is, if I’m a girl.

So, am I worried? Not really. I know everything will fall into place and I’d rather spend this time enjoying the planning, fussing around and working things out for our coming wedding with Chrystin (but I’m pretty sure she’ll be making most of the decisions =) Besides, the wedding should not be our main focus, but it should be marriage! Now, that I’m excited! =)

Aaron & Chrystin, I pray that the both of you would discover a colourful life as you move into this new stage called “Marriage”. You’re absolutely right, it’s not about the wedding, but about the marriage. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to document your love. I adore the details you prepared for the shoot… (uh, remember me when your wedding is over and you want to give away the white crates). God bless!

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  • Aaroink says:

    Thanks for the awesome pics, Grace and Weiming! Absolutely love em, and yes, we’ll try to remember the crates! LOL

  • Wini Heron says:


  • Linda Puah says:

    Aaron’s words were so beautiful, they brought a huge smile to my face =) The photos are absolutely gorgeous in their display of colours! Wishing this couple all the best for the future.

  • Asther says:


  • pelf says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful images. WOW. Grace, if there’s one word I’d use to describe you and your talent and passion, it would be “indescribable” <3

  • Melissa Chew says:

    Incredible! Really so beautiful Grace! Amazing amazing pictures of love. And congrats to the lovely couple! So so pretty… I can only imagine the planning that went into all the lovely details! So worth it! :)

  • meikew says:

    so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry beautiful

  • Kevin Ng says:

    Amazing pictures!! and nice quote Congrats to Aaron and Chrystin. Nice excerpt from Aaron.

  • puvanan says:

    Fantastic use of props! and well composed too! :)

  • coolcat says:

    Beeyooteefool pics!!! Awesome props, settings and of course, the couple!

  • Esther Maeda says:

    breath taking pictures!!!!

    Love it all!! :)

    wishing the happy couple many more amazing moments..

    wish i was still there..

  • Dee says:

    Wow… great images by you. It shows how passionate you are with your work. I bet, even your client having a memorable moment during this session. Keep up the great work :)

  • MunKeat says:

    Nice work grace …love the concept and the colors..keep up the good work ! : )

  • dan says:

    love everything about it!

  • Katherine says:

    Lovely lovely! Always love the many props used for a photoshoot! And of ‘cos a lovely couple! Love the photos lots! :)

  • Julie Tian says:

    Well said in Aaron’s blog :)

  • Aaron Lam says:

    Thanks for the awesome pics! Now we’ll have a hard time choosing which ones to print! Haha!

  • Wedding Karren says:

    Love this shoot, your photos are inspiring =)

  • Irene Tan says:

    Grace, as always, great shots and all. Loved it :)

  • VivianC says:

    Love love love Aaron’s words! Exactly what my fiance and I are going through right now..everyone’s asking “Are you sure?” ” Dont you think it’s too soon?’ ” Do you have enough money?’ You guys are a great inspiration for us!
    Love the photo’s too!Loving the pictures and stories from stories.my. Great job you guys! Keep it up!

  • Kaitlyn says:

    So much beautiful in this post! Your storytelling, Grace, Aaron’s words, the crazy amount of props and obviously the thought put into the set up, and my favourite is how they look at each other. Sweet, fun shoot, it looks like!

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