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Family Portraits: Keryn & the boys

By 19/10/20114 Comments

Photographer: Grace

I love boys with character. So much so I married one with a huge personality! But sad to say, Alex is not the only one who has captured my heart. Every now and then I meet other boys who are simply irresistible. Such as the ones below, Ethan and Lucas. I am sorry to inform you, Alex that there are other boys cuter than you…

The other thing that make these boys so adorable are the rosy cheeks. It must be the weather in Australia where they live. Lucas is only 2 months old, and this was his first photo shoot.

I think Ethan can do well in a milk commercial. Love his expressions!

Joseph and Keryn are a really warm and friendly couple. Even though we met for the first time on the day of the shoot, I felt as if I could connect with them easily! I am truly honoured that you chose to hire us for your family portraits during your holiday back in Malaysia – even though I am sure there are lots of talented photographers in Australia! It was great getting to know the both of you and perhaps we can do another session when the boys are older! :)

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  • zul says:

    really nice n lovely shoot,all from grace picture..proud of you

  • Esther Liew says:

    wow! Grace, i’m from DUMC n i’ve always been a big fan of your work n today it was a pleasant surprise to see Joseph n his family featured on Stories! i know Joseph from my medical studies here in Australia! haha. what a small world indeed!

    • Grace Tan says:

      Thanks for following our work Esther! Nice to know that people are able to connect or ‘meet’ friends on this blog. We once reunited a long lost friend to a bride when they found each other through our website! They had been out of touch for about 10 years I think. Amazing!

  • tanszehwa says:

    Awww…such lovely photos!! Jack knows Joseph and Keryn as well..they went way back in Melbourne! Both Ethan and Lucas are so,so adorable!!

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