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… really up to your imagination.

What comes to mind when the word bloom is mentioned?

Now, what is Bloom all about, some of you have asked. You might have already seen our 1st video here. And you might be wondering who are these girls in the video. Well, the one in red with short hair is myself (if you haven’t already realized that by now). The other three are amazingly talented photographers whom I call friends (Anna Rina, Fiona Lim & Asther Lau). It’s not easy finding female photographers in Malaysia, so I am always happy to have a chat with fellow camera toting women. If our team is not available for any assignments, I would certainly recommend these photographers!

We’ll be revealing more information about Bloom soon, but do leave your comments here as we’d love to hear your feedback!

Video edited by: Weiming
Music credit: Akvalung

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