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Recreating your Old Photos

By 08/12/2011December 3rd, 20182 Comments

Do you have a favourite photo of you when you were child? One of you having ice-cream all over your face, or all dressed-up in a funny costume? Here’s an idea to recreate that photo with the same pose,  same person, only 20 years later! :)

You will need:

1. An old photo of you that you would like to recreate.

2. A camera and a willing friend (or tripod if you like it better than your friends).

3. The same or similar location by which the original photo was taken.

4. Yourself! And your enthusiasm to recreate the photo!

Optional: Clothes that are similar to the one in the original picture.

Step 1: Look through your childhood photos and pick one. If you would like to have ice-cream all over your face to recreate the picture and you are up for it, then go for it!

Step 2: Examine the photo closely: the poses, the facial expression, the clothes and the location. Practice the expression or poses in front of the mirror if you have to. Revisit the location where the photo was taken and for the best results, try to get similar clothes, too!

Step 3:  Set up your camera or bring your friend to the location and have fun shooting! For the best results, take a few shots. Check and redo until you are satisfied with the outcome!

Step 4: When you are all done, choose your best shot and put it together with the original photo. Print them out and send it to all your relatives. Congratulations, you have now become their favourite niece/nephew/cousin/grandson/granddaughter!

Extra Tip: Get other people involved, too! Here’s my take on recreating an old photo:


Every photo has a story. What’s your story? Remember to show us your pictures!

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