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Family Portraits: James, Dea & Aaron

By 11/01/2012One Comment

There are days when you see a cute baby and think… gosh, I think I am ready for kids, like now! Aaron is one such kid. He’s got such a great personality and a beautiful smile. A smile that can melt your heart instantaneously. I kid you not. James and Dea live overseas and I am glad I managed to meet their tight schedule for a little photo shoot in KL. Thanks Anna for recommending them to me!

This photo session was really relaxing for me. I loved the fact that James and Dea were really easy going during the shoot. They told me that they just wanted to have a good time together (which is awesome!) and it didn’t matter if Aaron’s tummy was showing or not. They were even willing to lie on the wet grass for me (it had rained the night before).

Most family photo shoots can either be a fun or stressful session. Some parents get really upset if their child is not constantly smiling at the camera during the shoot, or are not ‘behaving’ the way they want them to. I usually tell the parents to relax, and just have a good time with their kids. Some parents end up yelling at their kids during my photo shoots, and I don’t think that helps create a good mood or atmosphere. Threatening the kids to take away their candy doesn’t work either. :P Or bribing them with stuff… well, it sometimes works.

But the best way to get fun, relaxed shots as a family? Actually have fun.

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