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Eng Wah & Penny’s pre-wedding portraits

By 16/01/20126 Comments

Photographer: Grace
Make up & hair: Wedding Isle
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White
Location: Pullman Hotel & Botanical Gardens, Putrajaya

Sometimes life gives you a few interesting surprises along the way. Chance encounters that were fated. Especially when you’ve communicated with the person in the first place, but never met each other.

In 2005, Eng Wah’s company had a job vacancy. Penny’s housemate was his ex-colleague, so she got in touch with Eng Wah through MSN and sent him a resume. Unfortunately she did not get called in for an interview and as luck would have it, she never got to meet Eng Wah.

Two years later, they met each other in an IT event. She came with her colleague and he was there with his housemate. They sat together, had lunch but did not talk to each other.

Fast forward to 2009. Somehow his contact was still in Penny’s MSN list, so one day, she noticed his status had changed to include an IQ test. Penny answered and it was right. That was the first time they started a conversation online. Everyday, Penny and Eng Wah looked forward to their online chats. “Good morning” was the keyword to trigger the conversation of the day. Gradually, they found their similarities… same college, favorite restaurant, favorite food, favorite song, pasar malam, travelling…

Eventually, they started going out for dinner, movies, pasar malam every Wednesday…

When Eng Wah cooks, she tests his food. When Penny goes out for photo shoots, Eng Wah becomes her model (which is unusual, as most girls tend to be the model instead!). Their friendship grew, until one day, he finally mustered the courage to hold her hand while shopping at Isetan.

Which led to… 2011.

One day, Eng Wah picked Penny up from a company event and they went home together. When she arrived home, she found that he had used her color pencils to write “I LOVE YOU” on the ground. On top of that, there was a delicious looking jelly inside the fridge with the words “Would you marry me?”on top. And she said yes!

The day of our photo shoot (by Eng Wah & Penny)

In order to make sure we are relaxed during the shoot, we decide to take whole week’s leave. Before the actual shooting day, we went to Melaka for food hunting, ate a lot of food… Satay Celup, chicken rice ball, durian cendol, capati and roti naan, nyonya food, coconut milk shake… we might have added a few extra pounds during that trip, but we didn’t care… as long as we were happy.

It rained on our shoot day. When Grace reached Pullman hotel, she told us, “Don’t worry, the rain will stop soon. Let’s start shooting in the hotel room first.”

Grace always tells us to enjoy the moment, talk to each other …. But the problem is that we didn’t know what to talk about! So the only thing we said to one another was… “Wow the food in Malacca was great! Satay celup, chicken rice ball, durian cendol…. ” BLA BLA BLA…. So when we talked about the food, we laughed as well.

The day when we received the DVD

The day we received the DVD from Stories.my, that night, the both of us kept repeating the slideshow… repeat repeat and repeat. I can’t remember how many times we hit repeat… I kept telling Eng Wah, not enough… one more time please….  The photos are just so beautiful. And we discussed which one we should print as canvas… this one… that one…. Ahhh~~ can’t decide which one is the best… almost all are best!


Eng Wah & Penny, am so happy you love the photos. Though the mosquitos at the park were voracious, I didn’t mind. Wish you many years of excitement hunting for new places to eat, and places to take photos! :)

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