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Mastering Group Photos

By 18/01/2012January 22nd, 20128 Comments

It’s the season again where your family members are back from afar, and gatherings and dinners are scheduled to guarantee a good time. Good times like these need to be documented, and there you are armed with your camera but you’re just not too sure how to get a good shot of your family. Worry no more! In conjunction with the Chinese New Year season, we at Stories would like to offer you a few tips on how to photograph good group photos!

You will need:

  1. A camera. (Any kind of camera will work, really! Doesn’t have to be an expensive and bulky DSLR. Your point-and-shoot will work well!)
  2. Your group of happy relatives.

Tip #1:

Leave no gaps, unless it’s intentional.

As you can see the picture above, the gap has created a kind of awkwardness. As if Weiming (right) does not want to have anything to do with the group. So remember to ask your subjects to go closer.

Tip #2

Handbags, lose ‘em!

Ladies, I know it’s pretty hard to get your hands off your new Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton bag that you’ve just purchased for the New Year.  Holding them while taking a group photo looks like you’re about to head off somewhere.

There. Much better. :)

Tip #3


Show the world you love each other! Ask your loved ones to put their arms over each other’s shoulders. Cuddle, if they like. If there are young children, tickle them and make them laugh. Tell a joke, make your loved ones laugh and smile. Your pictures will turn out more natural that way.

Tip #4

Working it for the Camera

If you are taking group pictures of a group of ladies, always tell them to stand sideways and rest their weight on one side of their hips and bend their knees a little. This will accentuate on their curves and will make them look slimmer.  Alternately, they can cross their legs and rest their hands on their hips. Your aunties, female cousins and their spouses will appreciate you for that. You’re welcome.

Guys, standing straight will make you look like you’re about to sing the national anthem. So look cool- put your hands in your pocket or cross your arms. Remember to smile. 

*Extra: You may also want to tell your relatives not to lift their hands as this may cover other people’s faces. Here is a very good example not to do that:

(Picture source: Huffington Post)

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to feel like this kid:

Have fun!


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