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Picture-perfect Family Portraits

By 19/06/2012December 3rd, 2018No Comments

I am a big fan of having a good family photo taken. Having done some for Stories recently I’ve learnt that good family portraits takes some preparation. While the photographers worry about how to make you and your family look good, here’s some ideas and suggestions on how you can make the experience better.

1. Complement each other clothing-wise 

Have your family members dress in clothes that complement each other, like wearing white tops. It doesn’t have to be of the same shade, but it could be in similar tones. If you don’t fancy the idea of being ‘too coordinated’, then we suggest wearing complementary colours, for example, earth tones (includes white, beige, green, yellow), or shades of blue. All-black outfits look a little too formal, so unless you’re going for that look (or an Addams family look), then we recommend staying away from that colour.

2. No camouflage

Try not to wear clothes that blend in with the background. If you are going to shoot in a park, green outfits may not be such a good idea.

3. Make up

Putting on some light make up is encouraged. As colours tend to get exaggerated on photos, having too much will not be a good idea. You don’t really need to apply make up for your children – a natural look is best for kids.

4. Get enough rest & bring some snacks

Parents, if you are bringing kids for the photo shoot, make sure you have them rest properly the day before or just before the shoot so that they are not cranky. Same tip should apply to adults as well. :) Of course, bringing some snacks and drinks along for the shoot is also a great idea.

5. Relax and have fun!

Don’t be too stressed if your children do not behave the way you want them to during the shoot. Scolding them to ‘smile at the camera’ never yields good results. You’ll only make yourself stressed and the kids would begin to think that the shoot is a chore. The best way to have natural images is to just have fun together as a family. Play some games, sing a song, do something different. It’s the only way to have your pictures turn out great!

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