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DIY: Clothes Pin Photo Frame

By 06/12/20122 Comments

Are you getting anxious about spending heaps of money for the coming Christmas season?

Are you bored of Christmas decorations that look the same year after year? 

Are you running out of ideas for Christmas gifts? 

Worry no more! We at Stories are here to help you!

Pardon my impersonation of an annoying informercial announcer above, now that I got your attention, I’d like to show you a fun and easy way of making a photo frame that is out of the ordinary.

Introducing, The Unconventional Photo Changer Frame!

Okay, I will stop that now. Hehe.

Here’s what you need to make this DIY photoframe:

1. An empty photoframe. One that has the glass and back flap removed.

2. Some tiny, sharp-ended screws and a screwdriver.

3. Some little clothes pins

4. Measuring tape or ruler for measuring. Pencil to make your markings.

5. Some wires. You can also use string if you like.

6. Pliers and wire cutter for the hardcore. Or scissors if you are using strings.

7. Some printed photographs that you’d like to show off.

Step 1: Measure the sides where you want to tie the wires. Make sure that the marks are at the same level. Use a pencil to make a mark.

Step 2: Measure the wires to the correct length and coil a small hook at both ends.

Step 3: Place the little hook that you have made into a screw, and screw it into the pencil markings tightly. Repeat Step 2 and 3 for the other wires that you want to attach to the frame.

Step 4:  Use the tiny clothes pins to hold the photos between the wire.

Step 5: Decorate with little Christmas ornaments if you like.  Then display your artwork for all to see.

The best thing about this frame, Is that it saves you the hassle of removing the back flap of a normal photo frame to replace a photo. Also, when Chinese New year comes, you can replace the Christmas ornaments with Angpows.

Have fun! Oh, that pair of manly hands in the photos? They are my father’s, my own Mr DIY.


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