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A Perfectly Ordinary Day

By 07/04/2013No Comments

Every now and then, something comes into your life and causes you to think a little. It causes you to pause, to reflect and to appreciate. Life. People. Simple things. Huge things. Ordinary things.

I recently stumbled upon this video on Facebook and it was thought provoking, wonderful, sad and yet true. Though it’s slightly long, I do encourage you to watch the entire duration.

Just as Katrina Kenison says, the most wonderful gift we have and the one we need to cherish, is the gift of those perfectly ordinary days. Today, as I hold my almost 4-month-old daughter Krysta in my arms, I am learning to cherish. The smile on her face as I sing to her the same song for the 40th time. Just riding in the car with my husband to church, having a conversation about everything and yet nothing.

Enjoying a swiss roll with my sister in her backyard, while feeling the cool evening breeze on my skin. Hearing my mum sing the Kookaburra song to my daughter and laughing as Krysta responds to the song.

Yup, it’s one of those ordinary days. What a beautiful day it is.

* Grace and Krysta (iPhone pic)

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