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Wedding Video Highlight: Jeffrey & May

By 16/04/2013March 21st, 2018No Comments

We love it when our clients share their life stories so candidly and freely with us. It just makes us feel as if we’ve known them for years! So much detail went into the planning for Jeffrey and May’s wedding… everything was executed beautifully by the vendors that came together for this wedding. Through the emotions shared on their wedding day, you can tell that they are very very much in love. :)

Jeffrey and May’s Story (and all the personalization that went into their wedding!):

Jeffrey and I have known each other for a long, long time.  We met through a mutual family friend, who introduced us on the pretext of introducing me to someone who did his postgraduate studies in Oxford and was in a position to advise me on the same, as I was also going to pursue my postgraduate studies then.  Little did I know then that it was a match-making event! While we hit it off almost immediately, I was totally oblivious to all these until much later!

Jeffrey and I are a lot alike in many ways, yet we have also rather different personalities.  For instance, we both enjoy eating (a lot!), travelling, reading, movies, just being quiet in each other’s presence, laughing at the same things, etc.  However, while Jeffrey is quite reserved and a man of few (sometimes no) words, I am talkative and quite upbeat about most things!  During our travels, I will be handling 3-4 cameras on my own, being trigger happy and just happily snapping everything (and just about anything) away, whereas Jeffrey is camera-averse ;)  However, when we took our pre-wedding photography in New Zealand, Jeffrey was a natural in front of the camera!  There was also a time when we shared 5 bowls of noodles between the both of us in Chiang Mai!  We really eat a lot, so much so that each time we make additional orders on top of what we have polished off our plates, the waiter/waitress (without fail, whichever corner of the globe we are at) will ask ‘tapao/take-away?’, and we will go ‘no, eat here!’.

In planning our wedding, we truly wanted to make it a memorable one (in every sense – food, decoration, etc.) not only for our guests but also for ourselves in the course of the planning itself.  We knew we wanted 2 main things: personalization and beautifully-arranged flowers!  We wanted a cosy affair for our closest and dearest friends and relatives, for both the ceremony and the dinner event.  We don’t really have a ‘concept’ theme per se, but we know in terms of decoration, we wanted a consistent theme with everything to ‘jive’, and anchored by beautiful flowers too.

For the day event, we wanted something light, bright and cheery, whereas for the dinner event, we wanted something stronger and elegant – all using the same colour family.  As we both are adventurous when it comes to eating, we have opted for the Chinese Fusion menu at the Westin Kuala Lumpur, away from the traditional Chinese menu that almost everyone comes to expect these days.  We have also used a lot of personalization in our wedding stationeries.  For instance, we have personalized ribbons, personalized table numbering, place cards, individual menu for every guest (we both like to eat and frequently refer to the menu in other people’s weddings – bearing this in mind, we provided one for each guest for ease of reference), personalized guest card with pre-printed statements for guests to fill in their well-wishes, personalized ang pow packets for us to bless our friends and relatives, etc.  All thanks to our ever reliable stationer, Acadia Cards!

Our general theme was elegant romance – we conveyed this to all our vendors who did not disappoint us.  As Jeffrey and I have many experiences together, the colour theme chosen reflected this – pastel tones for the day, whereas stronger, more vibrant shades for the night.  It was truly a celebration of colours! Pastel pink, orange, coral and lilac for the day, and fuschia, orange, coral and purple for the night.  We wanted a fun, cheery and festive air for the day ceremony, hence we used a lot of balloons for the lunch reception.  The day colour theme was also incorporated into our balloon decorations – we had a cluster of balloons as centerpiece for each guest table for the lunch reception, as well as a balloon wall!!  All thanks to St David Party Castle.

From the very beginning, we have envisioned a wedding with plenty beautifully-arranged flowers! (so much so that one of my bridesmaids’ 2-year old son commented – ‘Mummy, why are you at a flower show?’  This cutie has since called me the ‘Flower Princess Auntie’)  All thanks to the team at Wishing Tree, who transformed the church venue and the Westin ballroom with their creativity with flowers!  I have them to thank for my and my bridesmaids’ bouquets too – they are completely a feast for the eyes!  As I am a big fan of Hello Kitty, we have decided to add a ‘quirky’ touch to our wedding cake – Truly Scrumptious has made us a Hello Kitty wedding topper, with cascading peonies and hydrangeas!

No meal with Jeffrey is ever complete without dessert – to reflect this in our wedding, we have included a dessert bar filled with yummy desserts for our guests to partake during cocktail – all thanks to Tie The Knot, who has also made popcakes in individual pots as favours for our guests during the lunch reception.  In addition to the exquisite chocolate provided by Westin, we have also given out glass photoframes tied with our personalized ribbons as favours for our guests.  To further reflect my love for flowers and to decorate the ballroom as well as for our guests to admire while enjoying their dinner, we had a tall floral centerpiece, flanked by mirror box and candles, for every guests’ table.  Our guests loved the flowers so much that we encouraged them to help themselves to the flowers at the end of the dinner!  Our guests exclaimed that they were too pretty to look at!  We liked dancing too, and had a dancefloor at our dinner reception, much to the joy of our guests.  All in all, a great big thank you to all our wedding vendors!


Videographers: Stories.my
Church ceremony: Luther Centre
Dinner reception: The Westin Kuala Lumpur
Photographers: Louis Pang
Wedding Planner: Stephen Foong
Wedding Gown: San Patrick from Designer Bridal Room, That Special Occasion, Divine Couture, Butterfly
Groom’s Attire: TM Lewin, Thomas Pink, Salvatore Ferragamo
Shoes: Benjamin Adam, Salvatore Ferragamo
Make up & hair: Cynthia Lim of Wedding Isle
Decorations (ceremony): Wishing Tree, Tie the Knot, Khareyan Events, St David Party Castle
Decorations (dinner): Wishing Tree, Tie the Knot
Stationery: Acadia Wedding Stationery
Cake: Truly Scrumptious!
Flowers: Wishing Tree
Dinner Entertainment: Fantastic Five

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